Refugees In, Zundel Out!

Ernst Zundel peers from a van window after being delivered to Canadian officials in Fort Erie by U.S. immigration officers.

In a bizarre state of affairs Ernst Zundel is back in Canada, at least temporarily. Arrested on February 6, 2003, at his home in Sevierville, Tennessee where Zundel has lived for the past three years he was deported to Canada on February 19 and has been held in a Fort Erie detention center ever since. Although it's hard to believe Zundel is now claiming refugee status in a bid to avoid deportation to his native Germany where he has been tried in a German court for his prolific publishing of holocaust denial propaganda. On Feb. 21 Germany issued an arrest warrant for Zundel, opening a possibility that Canada could extradite him to a German prison cell.

Interesting in this turn of events is the reaction of the immigration officials in both Canada and the United States. The Canadian and US states handling of this highlights the racist immigration policies that both have in place. Zundel is getting a pretty cushy ride compared to most people of colour deported from the USA and trying to enter Canada.

Canada is currently turning back refugees fleeing the United States whose background is from South Asia and the Middle East. Why are they fleeing the US? The US government is conducting massive registrations and arbitrary imprisoning them. While some groups (usually those being affected) have denounced this draconian policy as conducting 'round ups' and World War two style detention camps it is proceeding at full steam.

Registration deadlines have already passed for people from, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

About 15,000 males age 16 or older from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have until March 21 to be fingerprinted, photographed and show certain documents at local Immigration and Naturalization Service offices. Another group of about 19,000 from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait will have from Feb. 24 to April 25 to register.

Sound familiar? It should, it's the beginning of the exact sort of system that Zundel denies ever happened in Germany under the Nazi regime.

Just like Canada refused Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany, Immigration Canada continues to uphold it's tradition of turning a blind eye to atrocities happening by imperialist 'white' countries, by refusing entry to persecuted people trying to flee the Bush regime.

Zundel is a disgusting nazi propagandist and we'll shed no tears if he ends up in a prison cell in the fatherland. But at the same time, as anti-fascists, we have to recognize that the US and Canadian states are enacting racist terror on a scale that makes fringe Hitler loving zealots like Zundel drool with envy.