NEFAC Represents Against The War!

In New York City (NYC), the Open City (NYC), Desiderata (NJ), and Roundhouse (Baltimore) collectives of NEFAC, along with the Workers Solidarity Alliance and the Industrial Workers of the World, marched as a "Red & Black contingent" in the huge labor portion of the march which totaled half a million people. The Red & Black contingent spent the better part of the day disassembling repressive police barricades with the assistance of fellow workers in the labor march. NEFAC members also distributed the flyer "Anarchists Against the War" written by Open City. 2 NEFAC members were among the 311 people arrested by the NYC Police.

Meanwhile, the Anarchist-Communist Union of Philadelphia (ACUP) organized an anti-capitalist feeder march from West Philly. Marching under the banner "Let the rich fight their own war" the feeder march highlighted radical opposition to US policy abroad and also the war being waged against poor, immigrant, Muslim, Middle Eastern and South Asian communities inside the United States. The feeder march met up with the main anti-war march of 10,000 people, which ACUP members also helped organize and spoke at.

In the Canadian cities of Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Guelph NEFAC distributed about 2500 leaflets articulating our position of "No war between nations, No peace between classes" in both English and French.

In Toronto, NEFAC helped promote and marched with the "No One Is Illegal" (NOII) contingent as they kicked off the NOII campaign in Toronto. NEFAC members also distributed "Class struggle against the work/war machine" by the local "No War But The Class War" group that they participate in. The NOII contingent was a visible and dynamic presence in the 80,000-person strong demonstration.

In Montreal, NEFAC teamed up with the Comite Des Sans Emploi and the CLAC to form an anti-capitalist contingent. The contingent numbered 300 people with a number of banners and lots of black and red & black flags. Estimates of the Montreal march top 150,000.

Quebec City militants of four different collectives united in an anti-capitalist contingent and marched together with 4 banners and about 30 people in a march of 7000 people, making it the largest demonstration in Quebec City since the Summit of The Americas in April 2001.