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NYC: Remembering Spain, Remembering Heroes!

Join us for a talk with George Sossenko.
Thursday, April 10th 7PM
at The New School (65 Fifth Ave.)

George Sossenko is an 88-year old veteran of the Spanish Civil War. At the age of 16, he left his home in France to fight against Franco's fascists with the anarchists of the Durruti Column. A dedicated, life-long anarchist, George is still an active organizer as he travels and gives lectures on this important period in anarchist history.

This event is part of the NYC Anarchist Bookfair

An opening talk about 'Us,- the Anarchists,-- the only dedicated organization honestly caring about the working class, and also give some examples from my Spanish experience, where entire towns were ran by Anarchists, with order, and efficiency with our libertarian spirit and concern. How the communists betrayed the proletariat world wide, creating a bourgeois class (CEO and contractors), non compatible with our libertarian ideal. How could you understand that the Soviet Union, after 70 years of communism, vanished without fire a shot.The Communists, and also their Unions, are losing support from the working class all over the world.'
'They were powerful in Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Not anymore! As you know here in the States, for too long the Unions where dominated by the Mafia and even now, less that 8% of the working class belong to Unions. The capitalists, since the disappearance and/or weakening of the Unions (Syndicates), became brazen; they are plundering the country without any regard to the millions of homeless and millions of workers being laid off. We have hundreds of thousands of homeless people, including the 300.000 sick or wounded veterans who returned from Iraq, while 160.000 contractors in Iraq make $ 1,000,00 a day, and capitalists like Haliburton are plundering the oil of these countries after slaughtering one million of their citizens. We need to restaure the workers pride and dignity; they should join us the Anarchists, because the capitalists will never give them a chance to improve their life. On the contrary, they use the cheaper workers overseas.'

Of course, I will be ready to answer questions about my ideal for which I fought during 70 years."

Sponsored by:

SDS-New School University

This event is in conjunction with the NYC Anarchist Bookfair 2008, which will be on Saturday April 12 and 13th at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, and is also FREE!