Vermont Activists Shut Down Military Recruitment Centers for a Day

Vermonters Rally to Stop Lies, Save Lives Demanding an End to Predatory Military In Schools and the Unjust and Immoral War in Iraq

Williston, Vermont--On the heels of a campaign launched earlier this week from the halls of Mount Mansfield Union High School in Jericho, Vermont, a crowd nearing 75 on Friday, united under the banner, “Out of our Schools – Out of Iraq,” and successfully closed down recruitment for the afternoon in Williston, Vermont.

“The ‘Out of Our Schools—Out of Iraq’ campaign raises the bar for students opposed to the war and military intimidation in our schools.

Today we said NO to lies that got us into this war, and the lies that entrap youth into fighting and dying. We shut down recruitment at all 5 branches of the military today, beyond our goal and just the beginning.

This action was a huge success and we invite students throughout
Vermont and across the country to join us, to stand up, stop lies, and save lives!” said Emily Coon of the MMU Peace Club.

Jaz Whitney was one of 3 minors cited with trespassing at the office in an act of civil disobedience and explains, “Not one but two recruiting offices were shut down for the day, we gained great visibility, and our
voices and messages were loud and clear. The situation inside the
recruitment office was nerve-racking, but I wasn’t going to back down from something I believe in. This is a great segue into other actions, we will stop this war and get the military our of our schools.”

Matt Howard, of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) was one of a dozen activists who held their ground inside the Vermont National Guard office and was eventually dragged out by police.

“Organizations that wage wars based on lies and deceptions will lie and deceive you. We as IVAW fully support these students and will fight with them again and
again for their rights to have a military free education and to stop this war.”

“Out of Our Schools – Out of Iraq,” is a campaign that does not end in Williston today, organizers are clear that Vermonters opposed to this war will continue to challenge the war and the military coercion of our youth even more directly in the future.