Report from NEFAC's 2007 Annual Conference

The Northeastern Federation of Anarchist- Communists recently met for our annual international conference. We met in a wonderful meeting space provided by Encuentro 5 in Boston and spent two days evaluating how best
to continue the movement towards libertarian-communism and workers power.

In attendance were comrades from Montreal, DC/Maryland, Boston, New York City, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Western Mass. First we went around the room and reported back on what projects collectives and
individual supporters/members had been involved with since our last
meeting. Activities were broad and included the organization of speaking events and book fairs, active participation in labor, community and student organizing, and militant action against fascists.

We next discussed the state of NEFAC's printed publications The
Northeastern Anarchist and Ruptures, our two theoretical magazines, and Cause Commune a free anarchist newspaper. Discussion was given to how best to allocate funds to publications and other methods of distribution of propaganda including blogs and pdfs that could be printed locally and distribute at a low cost.

Discussion was then given over to new collectives that wished to gain supporter or member status. A new DC/Maryland supporter collective was accepted and the Antithesis collective of NYC became a member collective. Both decisions came after a careful evaluation of the work that the collectives were doing and planned to do, and their political awareness. We are pleased to welcome both collectives into NEFAC.

We reflected on a discussion document brought to us by a New York member, concerning anti-imperialism and 'national liberation' movements. No
conclusions were reached, but there is a feeling that we are beginning to develop a shared vocabulary with which to approach these important questions. We then discussed the state of the anti war movement and how best to continue our efforts to halt the current wars.

The second day was largely dedicated to a lively discussion on how NEFAC can best continue and improve our work while dealing with some of the difficulties inherent with being a federation divided by the US/Canadian border. A discussion document with many ideas towards this end was brought to the conference by Canadian comrades and provided the framework
for our discussion. The discussion and the process goes on, and we are fully confident that it will result in a stronger anarchist communist presence in the north east.

In addition we discussed the proposal by our comrades in the Workers Solidarity Alliance to participate in a meeting of various groups interested in broadly red and black politics, Details are still being discussed but we are enthusiastic about this opportunity to further communication and cooperation amongst the class struggle anarchists.

With best wishes and solidarity to the working class, and unrelenting hostility to the bosses!