Feb. 15th Lansing, MI, Join The Direct Action Faction Breakaway March

Stop the War!
Fight the System!

Statewide Day of Resistance to War in Iraq!

February 15th Lansing, Michigan

Join the Direct Action Faction Breakaway March

1pm Ranney Skate Park. 300 Frandor Ave.

Corner of Frandor Ave. & Michigan Ave., right off of US- 127.

In conjunction with the Statewide peace march scheduled for Lansing, Michigan on February 15th, numerous groups are also working on building a more radical presence in the antiwar movement. Direct Action has called for radical breakaway march for those interested in taking the movement a step further.

Many feel that the potential tragedy that would be enacted by accelerated bombing of Iraq by the U.S. calls for more drastic action. We will be building a breakaway march to engage in direct action and civil resistance. We are calling for all those interested in turning up the heat on Bush and company to join us for a creative and rowdy display of disruption of business as usual on February 15th in Lansing, Michigan.

We encourage any interested groups to plan creative and disruptive acts that do not harm people, but attempt to put a dent in the capitalist military machine that threatens us all. We not only seek to stop this war, but to stop the social problems that support militarism and exploitation.

We encourage costumes, street theatre, blockades, lockdowns, graffiti, banners, puppets, weapons inspections, a die in, music, and whatever your hearts desire and minds can think of.

Please consider consponsoring this event. Email us if you are interested as soon as possible! We expect this block to comprise a few hundred people, so be creative and come prepared. The larger peace march is expecting a few thousand people. If you would like to help pass out flyers for the event or volunteer in any way please check out our webpage: http://www.direct-action.net/

We have also planned a spokecouncil meeting for Tuesday February 11th at 6pm. Please get involved in the planning process. For info on location and any other suggestions, questions, concerns please contact: da@direct-action.net

Let's make history!

Direct Action!
PO BOX 6746
East Lansing, MI 48826
web: http://www.direct-action.net/
email: da@direct-action.net

Endorsed by Direct Action!, Movimiento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlan, Radical Queers, Nightvision Anarchist Collective, Students for Economic Justice, ECO, Culturas de las Razas Unidas, Mutual Aid Society (Detroit).