Update: No One Is Illegal Consulta Montreal


* Regularize All Non-Status People * Open the Borders * Stop the Deportations!
* Dismantle the Detention Centers * Justice for Migrant Workers!


WHEN: February 21 - 23, 2003
WHERE: 2515 rue Delisle (Friday) * Metro Lionel Groulx
1601 de Lorimier (Saturday & Sunday) * Metro Papineau
Montreal, Quebec

Friday, February 21 - Evening Panel Event (Open to the public) - 7PM
Saturday, February 22 - Consulta Day 1 - 9:00 AM-5PM
Sunday, February 23 - Consulta Day 2 - 10:00 AM - 4PM

Non-status people living in Canada have established themselves here,
sometimes over a considerable number of years. Their contributions to this
society -- as labourers, volunteers, neighbours and parents -- are
significant, and are made in spite of and by resisting the routine,
day-to-day racism, discrimination and exploitation of the Canadian state,
policing institutions, employers and other sectors of society.

Canada's immigration policies dictate that being without status in Canada
means having precarious access to work permits and therefore having
extremely limited opportunities for 'legal' employment. Consequently,
non-status workers are frequently and silently subject to exploitation as
workers. Non-status immigrants who are undocumented are denied access to
healthcare and other basic social services, and face tremendous barriers
to education at all levels while even those who documented have only
limited access to those services.

In the current political context, as the Canadian state rushes to
'harmonize' its immigration policies with the United States in order to
'secure' Fortress North America, non-status individuals are particularly
vulnerable to racist and anti-poor processes of criminalization &
subsequent deportation perpetrated by Canada Immigration and Canada's
police forces. And yet this nation-state known as Canada is based on the
force and illegitimate dispossession of indigenous land.

The recent struggle of non-status Algerians in Montreal has been inspiring
and mobilizing. Faced with the lifting of the 5-year-long moratorium on
removals to Algeria in April 2002, Montreal's non-status Algerians, led by
the Action Committee for Non-Status Algerians, have fought to stop the
deportations and for the regularization of non-status Algerians. Their
ongoing resistance, and increasingly loud rumbles of opposition to
Canada's newly fortified and increasingly draconian immigration policies
across the country, suggests that a campaign for the regularization of all
people living in Canada without status is both necessary and feasible at
this time.

We are inviting organizations of non-status people and allies to a
Consulta that will be hosted by the No One Is Illegal Campaign in Montreal
on the weekend of February 22 and 23, 2003. The Consulta will launch a
national campaign for the regularization of non-status people, both
documented and undocumented.

The Consulta will provide an organizing space for delegates to shape the
campaign, articulate and agree to a common set of demands, and begin
discussing the possibility of future coordinated actions. It is also
intended to be a space where informal connections and solidarity between
participating groups can be established and strengthened.

If you are part of an organization of non-status people, immigrants or
refugees or allies that wishes to participate in the Consulta and shape a
national campaign for the regularization of non-status people, please read
the important logistical info that follows and the Basis of Unity before
registering. The registration form is attached at the very end of this
email. Please have your group's participants fill it out and return it by
email to nooneisillegal@tao.ca.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= AGENDA for the NO ONE IS ILLEGAL CONSULTA =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Regularize All Non-Status People * Open the Borders * Stop the Deportations
* Dismantle the Detention Centers * Justice for Migrant Workers

February 21-23, 2003 * Montreal

===> Friday, February 21, 2003
7 PM PANEL (Speakers to be confirmed)
CEDA, 2515 Delisle Street (Metro Lionel-Groulx)

===> Saturday, February 22, 2003
1601 de Lorimier (Metro Papineau)
This space is wheelchair accessible.

9:00-9:30 AM

9:30 AM

9:30 - 10:30 AM
* Welcome & Logistics
* Introductory Go-round

10:30 - 10:45 AM
* Are there any last-minute additions?

10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
*Go-round : 1 delegate per group/organization presents their
group/organization.s vision or proposals for objectives of the campaign.
People attending as individuals are also invited to contribute during the
* Discussion and debate, followed by decision-making in order to establish
collective objectives.

12:00 - 1:00 PM

1:00 - 2:45 PM

*6 short presentations by members of groups and individuals invited to
speak on various aspects of migrants. struggles that could become foci for
the campaign. The list of presentation topics to date includes:
Criminalization, Fighting for the Rights of Migrant Workers, The Struggle
of Non-Status People of Chinese Origin, Detention, Fighting Deportation &
Direct Action Casework.

*Time will be left after each presentation for questions and discussion in
which everyone in attendance is encouraged to participate.

2:45 - 3:00 PM

3:00 - 5:00 PM
*Proposals, debate and decision-making.

5:00 PM

===> Sunday, February 23, 2003
1601 de Lorimier (Metro Papineau)
This space is wheelchair accessible.

10:00 - 10:30 AM

10:30 - 11:00 AM
* Intros and logistics

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

[**A NOTE ON CONTINGENCY: This last section of the agenda is very
contingent on decisions made and priorities set on DAY 1.]

12:00 - 1:00 PM

[**A NOTE ON BREAK-OUT GROUPS: Break-out groups could be formed on the
basis of the themes discussed by presenters on DAY 1 or on new areas of
struggle that come up during the Consulta. Break-out groups could become
working groups (with the objective of creating and publishing
documentation, coordinating actions around a specific issue, or other
objectives) .They could also become information-sharing focus groups. Or
they could be hour-long discussion groups that do not get sustained
beyond the Consulta. This will depend on the common objectives for the
campaign agreed upon on the first day of the Consulta, and the extent to
which participating groups want to coordinate actions & events, share
information, or simply do the work they already do while signing on to
national demand.]

1:00 - 1:45 PM

1:45 - 3:00 PM
* Debate & prioritize action proposals: what, when, where?
* Establish working groups for actions widely endorsed by Consulta

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
* Establish a time-line of events based on the 2 days of discussion.
* Establish or formalize communication as necessary: organizing email
lists? Campaign website?

4:00 PM

===> Monday, February 24, 2003
Solidarity Picket with Montreal's Non-Status Algerians
Outside the Immigration & Refugee Board's Montreal offices
200 Rene-Levesque Ouest (Metro Place des Arts)

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= SOME IMPORTANT LOGISTICS... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

==> REGISTRATION is open to delegates from organizations, collectives and
affinity groups of non-status, immigrants and refugees, and allies who
agree to the Basis of Unity articulated below. Organizations are invited
to send 1-2 delegates. For the purpose of voting, each registered
organization or collective will have two votes, no matter the number of
delegates present.

To maximize the participation of people without status in this meeting, we
encourage directly affected individuals who are unaffiliated or who are a
part of an organization that will not agree to the Basis of Unity to form
affinity groups in order to register delegates for the Consulta.

Observers from delegating organizations are welcome, as are individual,
unaffiliated observers. Observers will be welcome to participate in
discussions and debates but will not be allowed to vote on proposals. It
is asked that observers also agree to the Basis of Unity for the purpose
of the Consulta discussions.

==> The AGENDA for the weekend will be sent out to registered
organizations two weeks before the Consulta dates.

==> TRANSLATION to English and French will be provided. It is expected
that most of the Consulta will take place in English. If you need
translation to other languages, please let us know in the area indicated
on the registration form and we will arrange it.

==> CHILDCARE throughout the Consulta will be available (at no cost) upon
request. You can request childcare on the registration form.

==> TRAVEL SUBSIDIES will be made available to delegates from groups
outside the Montreal-area. We want to encourage the participation of
groups that agree with the basis of unity for the Consulta but are
under-funded, do not receive government funding and are generally unable
to afford travel long distances. We are particularly concerned with
facilitating the participation of organizations based on the West and East
coasts. If your group needs travel subsidies to help delegates attend,
please get in touch ASAP by emailing nooneisillegal@tao.ca.

==> FUNDRAISING is necessary in order to subsidize the travel costs of
delegates who live outside the Montreal-area. We want to ensure that
collectives and organizations that do not receive government funding and
are based outside of central Canada are able to participate in the
Consulta. To this end, we're establishing a travel-subsidy and ask that
groups that plan to attend the Consulta fundraise in order to contribute
to it. If you need a sample fundraising letter, please email
nooneisillegal@tao.ca and we will send you a version of the document we
are using.

==> BILLETING will be made available to all Consulta participants. If you
need to be billeted, please fill out the form at the end of this email and
return it to Emmanuel at em@sat.qc.ca (cc nooneisillegal@tao.ca).

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Basis of Unity for the Consulta =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

1. Canadian immigration policies serve to consolidate the development of
Fortress North America, using free trade to open borders to capital, while
promoting the economic exploitation of the people whose free movement it
regulates and limits. Therefore, we believe that a campaign for the
regularization of non-status people must do so in confrontation the
Canadian state, and its racist and colonial policies against (im)migrants,
refugees and indigenous peoples.

2. Struggles for justice and the right to self-determination for
(im)migrants, refugees and indigenous peoples are led by those
communities and individuals and are carried out on a daily basis. Those of
us who participate in these struggles as allies do so with this

3. We acknowledge that the Canadian state is built on the displacement,
dispossession and genocide of indigenous peoples, and that our campaign
must recognize this fact and be carried out accordingly, in solidarity
with the struggles for self-determination and justice of indigenous

4. We recognize that capitalism, patriarchy and racism are interconnected
systems of oppression and domination that reflect and reinforce each
other. These systems must be eradicated. We aim to work together in a way
that is consistent with this analysis. As such, we commit to working and
debating in ways that are respectful of the right to dignity, autonomy and
self-determination of each person present at the Consulta and of the
communities of which they are a part.

5. We struggle for a world in which everyone can move freely, live and
flourish in justice and dignity.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CONSULTA REGISTRATION FORM =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

[If you are planning to attend the Consulta, please fill out all sections
of the registration form below and send it to nooneisillegal@tao.ca.]

---> NAME:

---> GROUP (affinity group, organization, collective, etc.; if



---> When are you planning to arrive?

---> If you are travelling by car, can you offer a ride to others from
your area?

---> Do you need a travel subsidy in order to attend the Consulta?

---> Can your group donate money to a travel fund to help fund the
participation of under-funded groups that have to travel from farther

---> Is there any other logistical info that you think the Consulta
organizers need to know?

---> 1) Are you attending as a delegate for a group, or as an observer?

---> 2) If you are a delegate for your organization or affinity group, are
you attending with other delegates and observers from your group? How

---> 3) Are you in agreement with the basis of unity outlined above?

---> 4) If you're a delegate for an affinity group or organization, is
your organization also in agreement with the basis of unity? If so, was it
agreed to by a group decision-making process (vote, consensus, etc)?

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= REQUEST FOR BILLETING QUESTIONNAIRE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

If you need a place to stay during the Consulta, fill out the form below
and email it to em@sat.qc.ca (with "Consulta billeting" in the subject
line) or call (514) 849-2402. Please submit only one form per group.

We strongly encourage you to get in touch with your host before arriving
in Montral. You will be sent your host's contact information as soon as
it is available. This is to ease the billeting process on the days of the
Consulta. It is up to billets and hosts to coordinate meeting.


---> EMAIL:

How many people in your group need space?

What nights do you need billeting for?
, ,

Environment: Please specify if you have any particular preferences or
needs. If you're replying on behalf of a group and only some of you have
the indicated requirements, please answer accordingly (eg
"two of us need a non-smoking space")

Do you smoke? Or do you require a non-smoking space? Or no preference?

Will you be bringing pets? Or do you require a pet-free space? Or
no preference?

Do you have specific requirements around access (such as
wheelchair accessibility?)

Do you require a womyn-only space or is mixed ok?

Do you have a language preference (french, english, non-colonial
language, etc?)

Any other housing-related needs or questions?

Send completed forms to em@sat.qc.ca and cc them to nooneisillegal@tao.ca;
put "Consulta billeting" in the subject line. Or call (514) 849-2402.


If you have any questions about participation in the Consulta or about the
registration forms above, please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling
(514) 409-2049 or emailing nooneisillegal@tao.ca.

In Solidarity & Struggle,

-- members of the No One Is Illegal Campaign of Montreal



====> Monday, February 24th, 2003
====> 4 PM - 6 PM
====> Outside the Immigration and Refugee Board's Montreal offices
====> 200 Rene-Levesque West (Metro Place des Arts)

Since Immigration Minister Denis Coderre lifted the moratorium on
deportations to Algeria on April 5th 2002, the Action Committee for
Non-Status Algerians has held weekly pickets outside the Immigration
Review Board's Montreal offices. They have maintained a visible presence
each Monday night to demand an end to the deportations, the reinstatement
of the moratorium and the regularization of all non-status.

Almost a year later, many non-status Algerians are excluded from the
special joint Canada-Quebec procedures instituted last October and are
still threatened with deportation to a country where a violent civil
conflict still takes lives each month. Among the excluded are those
non-status Algerians who live outside of Quebec, people with criminal
records, people who have been living underground, 39 non-status Algerians
who have already been deported, and those people who have not been able to
apply for permanent residence under the joint procedure because they could
not afford the astronomical fees required.

As impending deportation dates draw near, the Action Committee for
Non-Status Algerians is calling on all non-status Algerians and their
allies to join the Monday-night picket on February 24th in order to
reaffirm the demands that the moratorium be reinstated and that all
non-status Algerians be regularized.

====> Bring your banners & your noise-makers. This is a kid-friendly

For more more information, please contact The Action Committee for
Non-Status Algerians at (514) 885-9510 or at cassdz@hotmail.com, or the No
One Is Illegal Campaign of Montreal at (514) 409-2049 or