The members of the peoples' movement of Oaxaca, organized by the APPO, in civil and peaceful uprising that started 129 days ago, are once again declaring a RED ALERT in response to the intense campaign stemming from the federal & state circles of power favoring massive repression against the Oaxacan people.


Indigenous Organizations for Oaxacan Human Rights - OIDHO - members of COMPA, Promotora-Oaxaca, Magonista Zapatista Alliance, adherents to the Other Campaign and members of the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca, APPO and its provisional collective directors, today 28th of September of 2006, after more than four months of civil uprising in Oaxaca, we urgently denounce the following:

The members of the people-teachers' movement of Oaxaca, organized by the APPO, in civil and peaceful uprising that started 129 days ago, are once again declaring a RED ALERT in response to the intense campaign stemming from the federal & state circles of power favoring massive repression against the Oaxacan people.

In these moments, the march of thousands of members of APPO moves forward into Mexico City, entering the state of Puebla as of yesterday, where- just like in other Oaxacan towns- was received in a fraternal way with food and received much enthusiasm from hundreds of people. In the city of Oaxaca the three main state buildings are still being peacefully occupied by the people, as well as the historic center and some radio stations; the latter are still being operated by the popular movement and diffusing information about it. The residents of the state's capital raise thousands of barricades every night to block the entrance to parapolice and paramilitary bodies. In different regions of the state the taking-over of municipalities and many multiple actions of protest continue to take place by the regional and municipal APPO's.

Contrasting his constant and lame defeats against the superb struggle of the people and desperate to avoid stepping down, the state (ex)governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, starting this past Monday Sept. 25th , once again, wasted the taxes of the people of Oaxaca in a TV campaign announcing a supposed return to school, threatening to fire teachers who refuse to resume their work in the classroom. As all his dirty campaigns that have attempted to split the teachers/people' s movements, this last campaign was not successful: even though he used porros and violent people-strangers in schools, only a few of the 14 thousand schools in the state have opened their doors. Yesterday, despite all the threats, and the cancellation of salaries, the state assembly of the Oaxacan Democratic Teachers, representing 70 thousand teachers reiterated the firm decision of not resuming classes until the fall of the authoritarian and corrupt (ex)governor.

On that same note, the general assembly of the APPO, a space that brings together hundreds of social and civic organizations of peasants, indigenous, students, unions, the very same teachers' union of Oaxacan Democratic Teachers, the Coordination of women "1st of August," municipalities, inner city barrios, public transportation workers, small-business owners, church-based community organizations, and citizens in general, declare that the expulsion of the (ex)governor is not negotiable and announced a series of actions to intensify the resistance.

This demand is put forth at a time of repeated threats of repression, each time the heads of state congress as well as the heads of power of the new PAN-PRI coalition at the national level demand the intervention of "public force," to give a supposed "solution" to the conflict in Oaxaca, in the midst of declarations of the secretary of government and his disposition of being "willing to dialogue." At the same time, the delinquent band surrounding Ulises Ruiz perpetuate constant acts of violence to provoke APPO, acts which are later [mis]used by the mainstream mass media to denounce the supposed violence from the Oaxacan struggle. During the last few days, representatives of the European Parliament, as well as from international human rights organizations have declared that the violence derives from the Regime and not from APPO, and that APPO are not "small groups of vandals," but a movement made up of the majority of the peoples of Oaxaca fighting in peaceful manner but massive against the de facto dictatorship and for the restitution of constitutional rights.

The federal government, the parties in power and mass media, at this time, have whole knowledge of this matter and do not even dare defend the repugnant (ex)governor, but have taken as hostage the legitimate movement of the Oaxacan people, because they do not want to lose any bit of their power, they don't want to put at risk neither the presidency of F. Calderon nor the delinquent governors who are useful to other states, and fear that this movement would extend to many other states of the republic.

Today, the regime in Oaxaca orchestrated a business' strike supposedly from all commercial groups and public transportation companies, as the ideal scene for repressive acts against the movement, but this strategy has already failed and the majority of commercial businesses, markets and public transportation companies are working normally, and many of the latter have adhered to the APPO.

But this new defeat from the regime does not vanish the threat that they might opt for a violent "solution" in Oaxaca; they are only looking for the right strategy to do so and then blame the Oaxacan movement for the violence they will bring upon them.

The people of Oaxaca and its organizations have already shown and reiterated our decision of not giving up before any act of repression, be it selective or massive; we are Indigenous Peoples and have a long history of resistance and struggle. Nonetheless, it is a real possibility that the owners of neo-liberal power could prefer the political costs of a massacre instead of the political costs of the legitimate victory of the people.

That is why, we as indigenous people from OIDHO and as members of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO), make an urgent call to the peoples of Mexico and to the peoples of the world, to fraternal organizations, labor unions, liberatory [antiauthoritarian] social movements, human rights organizations, to show solidarity with the Oaxacan people and not allow for our most fundamental rights to be systematically violated and not to allow the sacrificing of our demands on the altars of the powerful and the rich, what the Oaxacan people wish and demand are: Justice, Liberty and Democracy.

Long Live the People of Oaxaca!
Long Live APPO!
Liberty to all Political Prisoners!
Ulises is already out!
Long Live the Mexico from below and from the left!

No more Repression and Misery in Indigenous Towns!
Victory if not for the powerful, but the better organized!

Indigenous Organizations for Human Rights in Oaxaca

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