Paul Finch: Building an Anarchist Movement in North America

Thoughts on Developing Effective Praxis

A speaking tour:
Baltimore, MD: Saturday,July 1st, 11 AM: Mid-Atlantic Radical Bookfair, Center Stage, Pearl Stone Theater.
New York City, NY: Wednesday, July 5th, 7 PM: A.J. Muste Room at 339 Lafayette St (Corner of Bleecker and Lafayette in NYC Greenwich Village area), also sponsered by Workers Solidarity Alliance.
Hartford, CT: Thursday, July 6th, 7:30 PM: Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Ave.
Boston, MA: Saturday, July 8th, 4 PM: Lucy Parsons Center, 549 Columbus Ave.
Montpelier, VT: Sunday, July 9th, 6:30 PM: Black Sheep Books, Langdon Street Cafe, 4 Langdon Street "Contemporary Anarchism in North America: Two Views", Aragorn! from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed will also be speaking.
Québec, PQ: Monday, July 10th, 7 PM, Lundi le 10 juillet à 19h00: La Page Noire, 412 3e avenue, "Anarchistes et mouvements sociaux : l’expérience des luttes syndicales et étudiantes en Colombie-Britannique", "Workers' and Students' struggle in British Columbia"
Montréal, PQ: Tuesday, July 11th, 7 PM, Mardi 11 juillet à 19h00: au DIRA 2035 St-Laurent, Métro St-laurent, "Anarchistes et mouvements sociaux : l’expérience des luttes syndicales et étudiantes en Colombie-Britannique","Workers' and Students' struggle in British Columbia"

This talk will critically address contempory anarchist theory, practice, strategy, and tactics... and offer some thoughts on developing a more effective praxis for the anarchist movement in North America.

Paul Finch has been involved with numerous strikes and anti-war actions and has been involved in the anti-globalization movement, participating in the street protests that accompanied the 2001 Summit of the Americas in Quebec City. He is also a founding member of the Northwest Anarchist Federation, and currently a rank and file worker and belong to the BC Government and Service Employee's Union [BCGEU Local 1201], where he is both a shop steward at his worksite, and a member of the executive for the 4500-person strong BCGEU 1201 Local.

During the recent BC Teacher's Federation strike against the government, he helped organize wildcat pickets throughout the city, with NAF targeting and picketing down a specific area. His workplace, like most unionized public and private workplaces in Victoria, went out on wildcat strike.

"Operation Sold Out II: The Failed General Strike in British Columbia in 2004", Paul Finch, Northeastern Anarchist #10

As mentioned, Aragorn! will also be speaking with Paul Finch at the Montpelier event. Aragorn! is a member of the "Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed" magazine collective, contributes to "Green Anarchy," "Maximum Rock 'n' Roll," and "Slingshot" magazines, and represents a critical anarchist perspective. His presentation will incorporate criticism, an indigenous anarchist perspective, and discussion of the work of John Moore, specifically the idea of second-wave anarchy.

Green Anarchy review of Paul Finch's "Proletarian Boogaloo" from Unfinished Business #2.