Support Demo for Six Nations in Vancouver, BC

MNN. April 26, 2006. Over 800 native and non-native people rallied in support of the Six Nations people in front of the Art Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006. A hereditary chief of the Squamish/Salish Nation, Ian Campbell, opened the rally. He spoke in Salish and explained, "Integrity means a lot to us. We think the Canadian government bureaucrats should learn our language so that they can speak the truth again".

After the speeches, they sang, drummed and danced traditionally. Then they marched with giant warrior flags, wearing red shirts and red arm bands to downtown Vancouver to Stanley Park. Several hundred walked onto the First Narrows Bridge and blocked it for a short time. They wanted to make a point. It was a big rally considering that it was organized within 2 days.


The 20 year old Mohawk who was arrested at the Thursday, August 20 pre-dawn raid was finally released. He fought to protect the land and was upholding his responsibility. An OPP officer choked him to unconsciousness, trying to take his last breath. He said, "I refuse to give the police any colonial name. I am Kahehti:io of the Bear Clan, Kanion'ke:haka Nation". He also refused to be fingerprinted and photographed. He eventually arrived at the MNN Mohawk Nation News office and allowed us to photograph him. More details of our interview with him are forthcoming.

Kahehti:io has shown us something. Even though we are still surrounded by OPP, RCMP and army, we can all stand up without fear.

CONTINUE TO SUPPORT SIX NATIONS: People to stand with us at the site; bring gear to stay for a while; it's windy, dress warm; cameras, food, medical supplies and everything needed to stay a while. Do not let OPP and RCMP barricades deter you. They are not legal. The protest site is at 6th line and Highway 6 Caledonia, Ontario. Keep protesting.

Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News, -

Contact at Six Nations: 519-865-7722; 905-765-9316; Janie Jamieson 905-517-7006; Thahoketoteh 519-925-9695; Katenies 613-575-1550;