What Happened On January 11th???

What Happened on January 11th???

Tens of Thousands of dollars spent to protect neo-nazis, who complain there is not enough money for the public.

This was the scene in Lewiston yesterday - Inside the Armory there were 30 neo-nazis. Outside there were about 100 cops helping them organize by providing transportation and helping them recruit. After the cops bussed the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) to the Armory the police walked outside and said "Who is here for the World Church of the Creator?" and then allowed only those supporters in, while the community was left outside in the freezing cold.

Of the 600 community members there were a variety of opinions. Some members of Anti-Racist Action and NEFAC were there to directly confront the neo-nazis while others were there to simply state their opposition. There were also people present who did not agree with the wcotc, but also said they agree there is a Somali "problem" failing to realize their line of thinking is directly in line with the racists.

People are missing a very important piece of information; this is not a race issue, but a class and economic issue. The problem is the system we live in where a minority of rich people control the majority of the wealth and resources. This directly effects EVERYONE! 5% of the population controls 95% of the wealth. It is a shame that everyone, no matter what color or race they are, cannot get social services. It is not the fault of one community, it is the fault of the system we live under. Instead of fighting with each other and blaming each other we should Unite to change the system and work for a better Lewiston. Talk to your neighbors, whomever they may be, and organize together.

While we give credit to the Many and One diversity rally, we ask why do community events only happen when racist events happen? They should be happening all the time. Ignoring racist organizing whether it is by an outside organization or local residents, only helps to make them grow we must confront racism in all forms, internally and externally!

Against ALL forms of Racism and Fascism.

In solidarity,
Members of Anti-Racist Action & NEFAC

For further information contact:

East Coast Anti-Racist Action: EastCoastARA@Canada.com

Green Mountain Anarchist Collective (NEFAC): greencollective@chek.com


Or look around town for more information about newly established anti-racist groups.