Anarchist Agitation Among Boston Janitors

Anarchist Agitation Among Boston Janitors

Two weeks after ending a 23-day strike that attracted national attention (where strikers disrupted traffic with marches of up to 2,000 union members and supporters, engaged in civil disobedience, and trashed the insides of buildings), Boston janitors ratifed a five-year contract on November 9th. The trustees of the janitors' union, Service Employees Local 254, called the settlement a victory. Yet many janitors expressed anger and disappointment with the agreement that they say locks them into five years of stagnant wages. In a week-long ratification process, fewer than 800 janitors out of the eligible 12,000 voted.

Anarchists, who have played an active support role throughout the jantiors' strike, have begun to distribute copies of the following bi-lingual agitational leaflet during shift changes at various buildings throughout Boston...



The SEIU strike is over. But the struggle continues. If you want to keep on fighting for improvements on the job, but are tired of being sold out by union bureaucracy, here are some suggestions for things you can do:

1) Solidarity: This is most important. Stand up for your fellow workers. Don't let the bosses or union bureaucrats get between you and your comrades. No snitching!

2) Slow-down: You "won" a shitty contract. Might as well enjoy it. Do the minimum work required. Take a lot of breaks. Everybody call in sick together.

3) Sabotage: An effective means of bringing the bosses to their knees is to break the equipment necessary to do the job. This brings work to a halt and causes the bastards a lot of financial grief.

4) Wild-cat strike: You don't need the union leadership or anyone else but yourselves to go on strike. Organize among your fellow workers and strike again!

5) General strike: When we all stand together, we can take back our power from the bosses and bring this exploitive system to an end.

The working class united and self-organized has the power to create real justice!

For Workers' Self-management and a better future against bosses and union sell-outs!

In Solidarity, NEFAC-Boston P.O. Box 230685 Boston, MA 02123