The following leaflet was distributed on Fri eve and during the Saturday mass antiwar demonstration in New York City, by the Open City Collective.

Anarchists say: END THE WAR! END THE STATE!

AGAINST IMPERIALISM! Many liberals feel that, although it was wrong to
invade Iraq, now that the United States has created disaster upon disaster in that
country, killing thousands, it has a responsibility to stay to restore order
and to repair a ruined infrastructure. But this view is a justification for
the continued imposition of U.S. dominance. The U.S. imperialist state, which
used the crime of 9/11 to justify this war for power, wealth and oil, will act
only to further its own profit-minded interests. On no account will the U.S.
or any government help the Iraqi people achieve real democracy and freedom.
The United States must immediately and unconditionally withdraw from Iraq and
Afghanistan. Other liberals call for the occupation of Iraq to be
administered by NATO or by the United Nations. But these are coalitions of
imperialist governments with motives similar to the United States--economic gain and
political control of the region. The occupation of Iraq by more foreign armies
means that its people will continue to be slain and damaged, its resources will
be pillaged, and its future controlled by others.

AGAINST THE DRAFT AND RECRUITMENT! The trend of public opinion has turned.
U.S. soldiers and their families rightly oppose the occupation in increasing
numbers. Students and parents have begun an anti-recruitment movement. The
reinstatement of the draft must be the next focus of public opposition.
Registration for the draft must end. Troop withdrawal must begin immediately.

AGAINST ELECTORAL POLITICS! The leaders of the antiwar movement have, time
and again, focused on electing Democrats or third party politicians with the
idea that the "good" politicians will stop it. But the Democrats are as much
of a party of war and wealth as the Republicans. It is only through mass
struggle, outside of and against the state, that the average person can
successfully stop this war. We must aim to use the unique strategic power of
people for political strikes against the war.

All real popular gains have been won outside of the electoral system. Union
recognition was won in the thirties by illegal mass sit-down strikes in major
industries. African-Americans defeated legal racial segregation with civil
disobedience. They won anti discrimination and affirmative action laws by
urban rebellions. Women’s rights were won with mass demonstrations. The
movement for gay rights was begun with The Stonewall Rebellion. The struggle
against the U.S. war on Vietnam was won by the armed resistance of the Vietnamese
people and, in the U.S., by large legal and illegal demonstrations, by campus
strikes, by large scale draft resistance, and by a near mutiny in the army
which also ended the draft.

SOCIAL REVOLUTION! The war and other social evils are caused by a bad social
system. They are not caused by the bad policies of politicians. At the
heart of the system is capitalism, by which a few rich people drain off most of
the wealth produced by everyone else. This class system supports and is
supported by all other forms of social oppression, as well as the exploitation of
poorer nations. Holding it all together is the nation state, the special
layer of police, military, bureaucrats, politicians, lobbyists and others that
stand over the rest of us. The nation state is a war-waging machine in the
service of the rich. Without wars, paying for wars and preparing for
wars--past, present and future--there would be no need for the nation state. To end
all wars, we must end all states.

THIS IS NEFAC! The Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists is a
bilingual (French and English) organization of anarchists from the northeastern
region of North America who identify with the revolutionary, working class,
tradition within anarchism. Instead of the state, we advocate a federation of
democratic associations. Instead of capitalism, we advocate a federation of
self-managed workplaces, communes, and associations. To achieve such a society,
we must bring an end to patriarchy, white supremacy and class domination;
smash State power; expropriate the wealth of the rich; abolish the wage system and
market economy; and socialize the means of production and distribution for
the benefit of society as a whole. This means nothing short of social
revolution, which can only emerge from autonomous social movements and the
revolutionary self-activity of the working class. We oppose all elitist, vanguardist,
authoritarian tendencies within the antiwar movement and other progressive

For further information, visit: http://nefac.net by e-mail:
opencity@nefac.net, or write: P.O. Box 250-159, Columbia University Station, NY,
NY 10025