Report From NEFAC's Third Congress

Report from the Third Congress of the
Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists
Quebec City, Februray 10-11, 2001

by Becky (Firefly) & Nicolas (Barricada)

Over 35 people attended the 3rd congress of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) held in Quebec City on February 10th and 11th. Participating delegations hailed from Montreal (Le Trouble, Main Noire, and several as of yet nameless groups), Boston (Barricada and Sabate), Baltimore (Roundhouse), Western Massachusetts, and, of course, Quebec City (Emile-Henry, the hosts, and Le Maquis). Also present was a member of the Lyon section of the Francophone Anarchist Federation (FAF) who extended to the congress the greetings of the FAF and gave a presentation regarding the organizational model of the Lyon region of the FAF.

Several important motions, including the call for an Anarchist Contingent at the anti-FTAA demonstrations in April and for the publication and wide distribution of a four page agitational bulletin about the FTAA and anarchism, were passed during the weekend. Additionally, the conference served as a debut for NEFAC’s magazine, The Northeastern Anarchist. The magazine was well received by conference participants and is available throughout the region at movement bookstores and info-shops.

Among the most important accomplishments of the congress were the transfer of the General Secretariat of the English section from Prole Revolt (Morgantown, WV) to Roundhouse, the discussions around Federation structure, the acceptance of several new groups and individuals into the Federation, and the acceptance of several new Federation initiatives. These initiatives include an organizational tour to spread the word about NEFAC and aid people in the creation of new collectives, the writing of an international anarchist anti-FTAA statement similar to the ones written around the Prague and Nice mobilizations, and important organizing for the mobilization against the FTAA summit, including calls for anarchist contingents at the demonstrations of April 20th and 21st.

Two upcoming regional meetings will be held to further develop the French-speaking section of NEFAC, focussing on participation in the anti-FTAA protests and organizational and political questions in the region. The launching of a sister publication to The Northeastern Anarchist, a French-language anarchist-communist theoretical journal, is also being planned.

As NEFAC approaches its first year of existence, member collectives and individuals are taking the time to reflect on and discuss how to work most effectively within the group. As a regional federation, working within a framework of tactical and theoretical unity and coherence, we aim to struggle collectively, transcending national and linguistic boundaries. By sharing resources - study guides, speakers, discussion lists, publications - we will develop this framework over time. And through the collective production of written materials, we will turn our discussions and ideas into fuel for agitation and organization. Over the next year, as NEFAC grows, we will turn our efforts outward, to organize and to link struggles in our local communities to the growing anarchist movement.

NEFAC General Secretariat (English)

Roundhouse Collective
c/o Black Planet Radical Books
1621 Fleet Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

NEFAC Collectif de Secretariat General (Francophone)

Groupe Anarchiste Emile-Henry
C.P. 55051
138 St-Valliers O.
Quebec (QC)