CIPO-RFM militants injured in attacks

On the 16th of July, at approximately 8pm, the indigenous communities who have been holding a vigil outside the governor's palace in Oaxaca since 20th April 2004 and who have begun to increase their protest since 14th July, peacefully occupied the Plaza de la Danza.

About one hour later we were surrounded by the State police together with special forces, and so, at approximately 9pm, they initiated the evacuation. Nevertheless, the women, children and other people who were there joined hands and we made circles, thereby peacefully resisting the first attempt to clear us away using electric batons, tear gas and shock grenades.

The evacuation was directed by Lt. José M. Vera Salinas, Secretary of Civil Protection in the state and Cpt. Moreno Rivas, Director of Public Security in the state. As result of this order the following comrades were wounded:

1) ROLANDO ZEFERINO QUINO, who was beaten senseless by police and is still unconscious and under observation
2) ADELFA PEREZ CRUZ, who has lost her sense of orientation, is unable to speak and is still under observation
3) ELIZABETH PÉREZ CRUZ, who was struck in the chest by a shock grenade, knocked to the ground and is still under observation
4) SIMÓN YESCAS MANZANO, who was blinded by the tear gas
6) GLORIA RAMOS YESCAS, unable to move, and

We were only able to rescue these injured comrades after a hard struggle to break the police lines. About another 9 comrades (male and female) fell during the attack but we were unable to rescue them.

It should be mentioned that both police officials have acted previously as bodyguards to José Murat and that Cpt. Moreno Rivas was famously injured in the questionable attack on Governor Murat.

Now, the morning of 17th July 2004, there are 500 of us in Plaza de la Danza, 200 in Plaza Santo Domingo, 200 in the area beside the Cathedral, and 200 more in front of the government building, but on all sides we are surrounded by an unknown number of heavily-armed police. Very much in evidence are the special forces, known as the UPOE, who are concentrated in Plaza de la Danza. All the time more police are arriving and we are afraid that greater repression against us will be unleashed. We are completely surrounded except for one exit from the plaza which is covered by the special UPOE forces.

We have informed them that we have come looking for Justice and we will not leave without an answer, that we are firm in our decision not to leave until Governor José Murat decides to engage in dialogue with us and decides to arrest To stop Cesar Toimil and Jacobo Chávez, heads of the paramilitary organization "Consejo Regional Obrero Campesino y Urbano de Tuxtepec" [Regional Council of Agricultural and Town Workers of Tuxtepec - CROCUT], and take care of agrarian conflicts, make a committment not to continue destroying the forest, give municipal participation to the agencies and punish all those that have hurt us.

This mobilization has already cost us: 1 seriously injured comrade, Edgar Torija Pérez: 10th July 2004; 4 injured in Huatulco: Elizabeth Luna, Juan Díaz, Felicitos Martínez, Felix Torres and the children Brenda Torres, Sandra and Carolina Díaz, 4, 6 and 8 years of ago respectively: 12th July 2004; one comrades murdered in Yucunicuca: Pedro Cruz Salazar: 13th July 2004 and those injured now.

This repression clearly shows how the government is protecting its paramilitaries and has no interest in looking after the communities.

Please do not leave us alone. We need you to ask for the intervention of the CNDH, international organizations, academic organizations, the progressive elements of the church, the mass mesia, and all those who can help spread news of this repression and stop the injustice against us.


For the Organizing Committee of the CIPO-RFM

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Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magon"

[Translation by nmcn/fdca