(Toronto) Stop Secret Trials Rally, Monday, March 15, 11:30 Am

Join the Toronto children of Canada's secret trial prisoners as we
parade from Union Station to the Toronto HQ of CSIS (at 277 Front Street
West). Once there, we will engage in song, dancing, games, and other
March Break Fun, and show CSIS that they need to loosen up a bit, stop
terrorizing Arabs and Muslims, and end their use of secret evidence.
These kids want their fathers, detained without charge or bail for years
at Canada's Guantanamo Bay, to be returned home. Charge them and offer
them a full, open, fair trial, or release them immediately.

If you can bring an outdoorsy game, a musical instrument, balloons,
inflatable ducklings, bubbles, or more, please let us know at
tasc@web.ca or (416) 651-5800

Sponsored by the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada.

There are five Muslim men who collectively have spent 134 months in
Canadian detention, without charge or bail, on secret evidence neither
they nor their lawyers are allowed to see. All are at risk of
deportation to countries where they would face further detention,
torture, and execution. Their names are Mohamed Mahjoub (detained since
June, 2000); Mahmoud Jaballah (detained 9 months in 1999, freed when the
certificate was thrown out, re-arrested in August 2001 and detained
eveir since); Hassan Almrei (In solitary confinement since Oct. 2001),
Mohamed Harkat (since December, 2002) and Adil Charkaoui (May, 2003).