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15,000 Strong Demonstration in Montréal Against the Budget

a report from Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL)

Against privatization and price increases: ONLY THE STRUGGLE PAYS!

On April 1st 2010, some 15,000 people descended on the business district in Montreal at the call of more than 95 unions, popular, feminist and student groups. Is this the first stage of a response against the Liberal budget? Only time will tell. In any case, it was a nice demonstration--a popular grand procession, very diverse and militant (at least in discourse).

We now know that the budget tabled on March 30th by Minister Bachand introduced a host of measures, each more regressive than the one before. The introduction of new fees for healthcare or the rapid growth of sales tax (QST) are examples. The rich will fare quite well, as usual. Nothing in this budget calls into question their privilege and their little schemes to stash their money in tax-free havens. Again, we are required to sacrifice for them. Enough!

Class Struggle Against Borders in Ontario

Class Struggle Against Borders in Ontario

by Jeff Shantz (NEFAC-Toronto)

Operation Sold Out II: The Failed General Strike in British Columbia in 2004

Agitating for a general strike, Mayday 2004.

The most significant period of labor unrest in British Columbia since 1983 took place in late April and early May of 2004, as a result of the failed province-wide “General Strike” movement. During this period, dissatisfaction with government policies and ensuing legislation escalated into wildcat strikes, walkouts, and significant mass public support for the actions of labor unions, community groups, and students in opposition to the government.

Very little has been written on the attempted general strike from the perspective of those in British Columbia, and even less from those who were actually involved in the actions that took place around May Day of 2004. The lack of critical theory and analysis of what happened is unacceptable in light of the current situation, and the challenges faced not just by working people throughout the province, but also across the country. Without a thorough understanding of how the general strike movement operated, and how it failed, the labor movement in British Columbia will be sentenced to continual failure and decline.

Status, Survival, and Solidarity

Non-Status people and the politics of precarity

by Aaron Lakoff and Seth Porcello

Just a few weeks ago, Manuel, a 19-year old refugee, sat alone in a jail cell in a detention center in Laval, just north of Montreal. Frightened and tired, he awaited his deportation back to Mexico. It was one of those freakish situations where one might rack their brain to determine what the hell they did wrong. In Manuel's case, it was very simple - he was a refugee without status who chose to defy a deportation order.

Mohamed Cherfi recognized as a political refugee by the United States


Mohamed Cherfi recognized as a political refugee by the United States
Will Ottawa and Quebec finally take action?

Montreal and Quebec City, June 2, 2005. The Board of Immigration
Appeal in the United States has just recognized Mohamed Cherfi as a political refugee by overturning the refusal handed down by a U.S. Immigration Court judge on October 22, 2004. That recognition highlights all the injustice suffered by Mr. Cherfi in conjunction with the processing of his application for immigration to Canada and Quebec, which have several
times denied the serious risks facing him in Algeria. The organizations and individuals supporting Mr. Cherfi, along with his partner, Louise Boivin, demand that the Quebec and Canadian authorities take measures so that he can return to Canada immediately.

Mohamed Cherfi - your Support is still needed!


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Below is the Mohamed Cherfi Solidarity Committee’s press release from the
press conference held in Quebec City on March 15, 2005. The following
people took part in the press conference: Reverend Gérald Doré,
spokesperson for the Mohamed Cherfi sponsorship group; Louise Boivin,
Mohamed Cherfi’s partner; Smail Behlouli, spokesperson for the Action
Committee for Non-Status Algerians; Msgr. Pierre-André Fournier, Auxiliary
Bishop and representative of Msgr. Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec City; and

Less Talk, More Squats

Winter is coming...
Now is not the time to ask for housing.
Now is the time to take it.

Assemble at All Saints' Church
Saturday, November 8th
Meal provided

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