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anarchist communism

IWW / Black Rose Study Group -- Fight 4 $15

IWW / Black Rose Study Group -- Fight 4 $15
Sun, April 6, 1pm – 3pm

Join us to discuss the Fight for $15, fast food and other service workers' organizing efforts, and the potential role of radicals. Please bring friends and coworkers.

AWSM! An Introduction to Anarchist-Communism

So our friends in the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (http://www.awsm.org.nz/) gave a presentation to their comrades in the anarcho-syndicalist group Beyond Resistance (http://beyondresistance.wordpress.com/)

It is an intro to anarchist communism, and it is pretty AWESOME if I do say so myself!

An Anarchist Communist Strategy for Rural, Southern Appalachia

Class antagonism takes a multiplicity of forms: Environmental struggles can also pit the impoverished against the profiteers. In the mountains of Appalachia, anger against Mountaintop Removal coal mining overshadows labor struggles, or even the war in Iraq, as the single issue that most arouses the passions of the common folk.

What does it mean to be an anarchist communist?

What does it mean to be an anarchist communist?
by prole cat

(The following essay was composed for the inaugural issue of THE DAWN, an anarchist newspaper published out of Oakland, California.)

In setting out to answer the above question, I do not plan to provide a definition. That is to say, I do not plan to explore the theory or history of anarchist communism. I will assume the reader is already familiar with the basic tenets of the anarchist communist tradition (and for those who are not, Peter Kropotkin’s pamphlet Anarchist Communism is a good place to start.)

Rather, I intend to answer the question from the perspective of what being an anarchist communist means personally, how such a political identification affects employment prospects, personal relationships, and activism.

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