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Open City Issue 4 Now Out!

The newest issue of Open City from New York City is now out. Please find it attached below.

Islamophobia and the Great “Ground Zero Mosque” Myth

by Deric Shannon

Given the public reaction, there are some rather serious problems with the “Ground Zero Mosque” myth that need to be stated (as often as possible)—some obvious and some not-so-obvious and perhaps even some lessons to be learned from it.

Concerning the Alleged Racism of the Second Vermont Republic Organization

Feb.13th, 2007

Statement of the Green Mountain Collective, NEFAC

Honkie America Redux- The Plight of the Latino Immigrant

Racism in the age of political correctness

It is no longer fashionable to be openly racist in the American middle class. Blatant racist snobbery is still acceptable across the linen table cloths of the rich, and it is all too common in the shops and on the factory floors where the working class performs its labors. But the middle class, we are led to believe, has risen above all that.

Fascists, Anti-Fascists And The State

As of October 8th, the majority of the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 defendants have had their cases dismissed. This is the story of the lead up and action on August 24th, and the aftermath.Fascists, Anti-Fascists And The State
by Flint, Roundhouse Collective (NEFAC-Baltimore)

"The totalitarian vision of fascists often resonates with the many
statists who wish to unbind their hands from the pretense of 'democratic'
government and civil liberties." - Call for a Revolutionary Anti-Fascist

Over the last two years, the neo-nazi National Alliance (NA) has held a

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