Connecticut: Shut Down the War Machine!

Starting on March 27th, the Southeastern CT Direct Action and Nonviolent Civil Disobedience to Stop the War Coalition will shut down the military recruiting center of New London, CT every Monday in April. We are calling for anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and their allies to join us in stopping the war and the military from recruiting for its massacres of the people of Iraq, and needlessly putting in harms way the poor and working class people of our community by lying to them that they have no other alternative.

Confronting the Question of Power

Many antiauthoritarians oppose the aim of “taking power.” They advocate a gradual replacement of capitalism by alternate institutions. Alternately, Marxist-Leninists propose replacing the state by a new “workers’ state.” Instead revolutionary anarchists should advocate the goal of replacing the state by a federation of councils, but not by a new state.

Key questions of politics revolve around the issue of power. Shall the working class and all oppressed people accept the existing power of the state? Or should they consider themselves in opposition to it and aim to eventually overthrow it? Should they aim to establish their own power in some form? If so, should they aim to establish a new state or to establish some other, nonstate, institutions? For those on the Left, our opinions about power and the state determine whether we are liberals or radicals, reformists or revolutionaries, state socialists or socialist anarchists.

Le journal Le Trouble n’est plus. Vive le Trouble!

Le collectif du journal anarchiste Le Trouble a décidé de cesser ses activités de publication. Cette décision, après cinq ans d’activités, n’a pas été facile à prendre. Sous peu, nous publierons des textes expliquant cette décision de façon plus approfondie. Nous sommes actuellement en discussion pour voir dans quels projets nous voulons nous impliquer à l’avenir.

Turkey: Conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan is free!!

Anarchist gay conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan has been released today (March 9th, 2006) following the decision of the Military Criminal Court of Cassation located in Ankara. Mehmet has been in Sivas military prison since April 2005 and was sentenced to four years of imprisonment by the local military court. After the decision of the upper court calling for his release, he has taken to the local recruitment center and later in the evening he has been relased from there.

FSA - Caracas 2006: une expression de la gauche anti-autoritaire

Du 23 au 29 janvier 2006, dix organisations sociales et politiques vénézueliennes se sont faite entendre dans le cadre du Forum Social Alternatif (FSA). Petit ou grand, ce qui fût réalisé pendant cette semaine l’a été de manière totalement indépendante et autogérée, utilisant en cela l’expérience accumulée par ces organisations durant des années d’effort dans un contexte vénézuélien tout à fait particulier.

Déclaration Libertaire - Caracas // 29 janvier 2006

Nous, anarchistes réunis à Caracas à l'occasion du Forum Social Alternatif du 23 au 29 janvier 2006 - en provenance d'Allemagne, d'Angleterre, d'Argentine, de Bolivie, du Brésil, du Canada, de Colombie, de Cuba, d'Équateur, d'Espagne, des États-Unis, de France, du Mexique, du Chili, d’Italie, de Russie, d'Uruguay et du Vénézuela - considérons important de rendre public une position spécifiquement anarchiste qui rende compte de notre expérience et de nos échanges. Dans cet esprit, nous déclarons que :

Boston: La Rivolta! Anarcha-Feminist Festival, March 4th


A Radical Celebration of International Women's Day

Saturday, March 4th
Boston, MA

La Rivolta! is a celebration of the radical women of history and the battles they waged as well as a forum for solidarity among radical feminists today to continue the fight for the liberation of all oppressed people.

Palestine - Le Hamas prend le pouvoir aux élections

Un communiste libertaire israélien fait une brève analyse des dernières élections parlementaires en Palestine qui ont eu comme résultat la déroute du parti « Al-Fatah » jusque-là majoritaire, vaincu par les fondamentalistes du Hamas.

The Large Scale Oppression of the Workers of Vahed Bus Company

A strike was called for Saturday January 28, 2006 by the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company. On Thursday January 26, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. a few members of the steering committee of this syndicate: Ali Zadhossain, Ebrahim Maddadi, Said Torabian, Ata Babakhani, Mansour Hayat Ghaybi, and Abdulreza Tarazi, who were called by the public prosecutor, went to the public prosecutor’s office. At 10:50 a.m. they were transferred to the Evin jail and their families have no news of them till now.

No Contract, No Work!: The 2005 NYC Transit Strike

The drama of the New York City transit strike began three years ago during the last contract struggle. The president of the subway and bus workers union local 100 of the Transport Workers Union went down to the deadline with threats of a strike but no preparation until, the day after the contract deadline, he accepted what members considered a terrible deal. It called for no raises in the first year of the contract, with givebacks in health benefits, discipline and job security – the future of hundreds of bus drivers and support personnel – by accepting little input in the MTA’s bus consolidation plans.

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