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La coalition « NOUS ON VOTE PAS ! » vous invite...à ne pas voter.

Nous on vote pas !

Les élections provinciales sont en cours au Québec. On nous parle de l’importance d’aller voter, que cela fait parti de l’exercice démocratique. Pendant ce temps, une coalition se met sur pied afin de dire : assez ! Y’en a marre de se faire prendre pour des idiots ! La coalition « NOUS ON VOTE PAS ! » a pour but de défendre les principes abstentionnistes révolutionnaires et une nouvelle vision de la société. Une société où on ne donnera pas de chèques en blanc à des escrocs qui mentent au fil de leurs promesses, mais où les exploitéEs se seront appropriéEs le pouvoir politique, sans dieux sans maîtres.

clip de la coalition: http:/youtube.com

Concerning the Alleged Racism of the Second Vermont Republic Organization

Feb.13th, 2007

Statement of the Green Mountain Collective, NEFAC

Mexico: Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners in Oaxaca! Freedom for Oscar and Sacramento!

Among the many prisoners being held in jails around Mexico are anarchist activists Oscar Santa Maria. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians have played a vital role in the struggle against the government of Ulisses Ruiz Ortiz in Oaxaca. From Magonistas like the CODEP and CIPO-RFM to the Bloque Autonomo (Autonomous Bloc) and the Ocupacion Intercultural en Resistencia, anarchists and anti authoritarians have had an important presence in maintaining barricades in the face of attacks from paramilitaries and police as well as helping repel the PFP (Federal Preventative Police) during street battles in front of the University, in media and cultural projects and spaces, political prisoner support and within the APPO itself.

Ned Kelley: Vermonter, Vietnam Veteran & Anti-War Activist

Mr. Kelley, 65, is now retired. In past years he worked as a logger, commercial fisherman, sailor, marine biologist, and teacher. During the 1960s Ned served in the U.S. Coast Guard in Vietnam. When he returned stateside, he worked in opposition to that war, and continues to work against the war in Iraq through the Veterans For Peace organization, of which he is a member. His son is currently in the Army and is presently stationed in Iraq.

Northeastern Anarchist #12, Winter 2007

Montpelier Downtown Workers’ Union
Zanon: Class Consciousness Through Self-Management
Resistance in Pyeongtaek
Anarchist Study of Iroquois
Solidarity with Six Nations
Workers, Management, and Worker-management
and more...

Urgent Housing Needed for Military Deserters

Since the news broke that George Bush will be announcing an increased deployment of 20,000 troops to Iraq, there has been a huge response within the U.S. military. The War Resisters Support Campaign has been inundated with requests from soldiers who are considering coming to Canada.

An Anarchist Communist Strategy for Rural, Southern Appalachia

Class antagonism takes a multiplicity of forms: Environmental struggles can also pit the impoverished against the profiteers. In the mountains of Appalachia, anger against Mountaintop Removal coal mining overshadows labor struggles, or even the war in Iraq, as the single issue that most arouses the passions of the common folk.

IWW Warehouse Workers Branch Fired

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World, organises at New York warehouses were sacked over the festive period, in retaliation for their successful unionising drive. On January 2nd 2007 at 5:00AM workers from the Food Industry and Allied Workers Union (Industrial Workers of the World, I.U. 460/640) and supporters will bring in the New Year with a march and picket line.

Mohawk Political Prisoner Challenges Jurisdiction of Colonial Courts

Over 50 people packed the Cayuga courthouse on Wednesday for Trevor Miller, a Six Nations Mohawk of the Turtle Clan, as Trevor declared to the court that the colonial Canadian system has no jurisdiction over him. When the judge walked into the courtroom for the pre-trial hearing of Trevor Miller, and the bailiff called “all rise”, only the cops and the lawyers stood up. When Trevor Miller walked in, however, the packed courthouse stood up, and they remained on their feet throughout the proceedings.

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