Northeastern Anarchist #13, Spring 2008

Workers at Sanitarios Maracay Fight for Dignity
Cleveland Militant Labor in the 40s
Vermont Communes in the 60s
Public Sector Strike in South Africa
The Ecological Challenge and more...

NYC: Remembering Spain, Remembering Heroes!

Join us for a talk with George Sossenko.
Thursday, April 10th 7PM
at The New School (65 Fifth Ave.)

George Sossenko is an 88-year old veteran of the Spanish Civil War. At the age of 16, he left his home in France to fight against Franco's fascists with the anarchists of the Durruti Column. A dedicated, life-long anarchist, George is still an active organizer as he travels and gives lectures on this important period in anarchist history.

This event is part of the NYC Anarchist Bookfair

South, Midwest, and West Coast dates for Irish Anarchism Tour


Arcata,CA - Thursday, May 8th at 5:30 PM, HSU Behavioral Social Science forum room 162

Eureka, CA - Friday, May 9th at 5:30 PM, Ink People, 411 12th St

San Jose, CA - Sunday, May 11th at 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, El De-Bug Office, 701 Lenzen Ave and Stockton (behind the HP Pavillion/Sharks Arena). Free and open to the public, donation appreciated. Presented by Amanecer.

Oakland, CA - Tuesday, May 13th at 7:00 PM, AK Press warehouse, 674-A 23rd Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Los Angeles, CA - Friday, May 16th at 7:00 PM, Southern California Library, 6120 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90044, (323) 759-6063, brought to you by Amanecer

Quebec city: anti-militarist demonstration

About 300 anti-militarists took the streets Friday, March 28 in Quebec city. In a rare showing of unity, the main anti-capitalists groups of the city marched together, along with delegations from other cities, such as Montreal and Sherbrooke. The marchers commemorated the 90th anniversary of the riots against conscription and took the occasion to again express their opposition to the war in Afghanistan.

La gauche antimilitariste manifeste à Québec

Environ 300 antimilitaristes ont défilé vendredi le 28 mars dans les rues de Québec. Fait rare, les principaux groupes anticapitalistes de la capitale ont marché ensemble, en compagnie de délégations de quelques autres villes, comme Montréal et Sherbrooke, pour commémorer le 90e anniversaire des émeutes contre la conscription et pour manifester leur opposition à la guerre en Afghanistan.

Cause commune no 19

Le numéro 19 de Cause commune, le journal de la NEFAC au Québec, est maintenant disponible sur le web. 4000 exemplaires papier de ce journal sont distribués gratuitement par des militantEs libertaires, membres ou non de l’organisation. Cause commune se veut un tremplin pour les idées anarchistes, en appui aux mouvements de résistance contre les patrons, les proprios et leurs alliés au gouvernement. Si le journal vous plaît et que vous voulez aider à le diffuser dans votre milieu, contactez le collectif de la NEFAC le plus près de vous.

Un pdf à basse résolution --format tabloïd-- est disponible.

Au sommaire du no 19 (format HTML)

Housing Crisis, Foreclosure and Homelessness

by Susan Suthers

The term “housing crisis” currently relays thoughts of subprime mortgages, housing scandals, the current interest rate, and the horrifying thought of millions losing their homes to foreclosure. The current housing crisis was foreseen by many, and yet nothing was done to stop its downward spiral. However, the blame can’t be placed on any specific aspect of the real estate field, such as the lenders, the investors, the agents, the appraisers, or the builders. There are no quick fixes or easy go-to solutions to solve all of the housing market ills that are currently taking place. Many homeowners are still sitting back wondering what happened in the first place and if their piece of the American Dream is just as quickly taken from them as it was received.


Lancement : Sur les traces de l'anarchisme au Québec (1860-1960)

Fruit d’un long et minutieux travail de recherche, cet ouvrage présente une image vivante et généreuse de l’influence des idées anarchistes dans l’histoire québécoise, dévoilant ainsi l’existence de ce courant de pensée bien avant les tumultes culturels et politiques des années 1960.

Immigration in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor

Welcome to America
by John Parson

There are many “facts” currently being circulated about illegal immigrants, particularly from the conservative groups like Help Save Virginia and Help Save Maryland. Supposedly, per their “experts,” illegal immigrants drain our economy, mooch off of our system, burden our schools and communities, raise our crime rates, lower our housing values, and generally rape and defile our good old home grown American culture. They would have you believe that illegal immigration is the key issue in our country, and that “illegals” are a plague to our society that must be removed.

These groups will suggest that immigrants drive down property values, raise crime rates, and ruin our communities. However, these ideas are nothing more than the same arguments presented against the poor and working class communities in any city in America, especially areas where whites are in the minority. It’s a sign of class division and poverty, not immigration status. Rather than being a legitimate argument against immigration, it is nothing more than rehashing the same old case for gentrification.

It’s time for all of us, as workers, to recognize the plain and simple truth: “illegal” or not, we are all human beings, we all have needs, and immigrants face the same struggles as us: a boss who seeks to exploit us, and a wealthy few who seek to control us. Regardless of who we are, or where we’re from, we are workers. Its time to stop griping about immigrants “taking our jobs,” “destroying our language,” or “destroying our culture,” realize such vitriol is nothing more than a lie, and join with the immigrant community in struggle. We must recognize anti-immigrant policy, and anti-immigrant lies, do nothing but divide the working class, and if we seek any realistic gain, such divisions must be erased.

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