Sexism In The Anarchist Movement

Sexism in the Anarchist Movement

[Northeatern Anarchist #2 Spring 2001]

This article is an attempt to add to the discourse that is (or should be) occurring around sexism within the very movements that purport to be fighting it. It was a hard process to distinguish between sexism within the anarchist movement and the general sexism within society because so many of the criticisms that can be leveled against the anarchist movement are criticisms of the greater society. There is a void where critical anarchist feminist/anti-sexist critiques should be which has lead to a lack of dialogue and concrete action around sexism. This critique will be based upon many of the weaknesses within the Anarchist movement, which are often compounded around issues of sexism (and other forms of oppression). There is a continuum of thought and concrete action which anarchists must address or take up in order to combat our own sexism and sexism in the greater society.

(the) Mechanics For Disrepair: Globalization, Capitalism And Some Ideas On What To Do About It

In all of this talk about globalization, you hear some people talking about how capitalism has always been global, and others discussing how global capital is a recent phenomena. They are both right.

Something Did Start In Quebec City: North America's Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Movement

When thirty-four heads of state gathered behind a chain-link barrier in Quebec City this past April to smile for the television cameras during the Summit of the Americas, it was the tear-gassing outside that garnered all the media attention. Those on both sides of the fence jockeyed to put a spin on the meaning of the massive chemical haze that chocked the old city for over two days. The "insiders" claimed that as duly elected leaders of so-called free countries, they were attempting to democratically bring "freedom through free trade," and as such, those on the streets were merely troublemakers without a cause or constituency that needed to be dealt with accordingly. The "outsiders" asserted that those hiding behind the fence were the real source of violence, with "the tear gas exemplifying what nation-states are willing to do to protect capitalism and the dominant elites," and thus, a certain level of militancy was necessary to tear down the "wall of shame" that many saw as separating the powerful from the powerless.

Building A Campaign Of Solidarity And General Amnesty

Since the Summit of the Americas, a large movement of solidarity with all the political prisoners arrested around these protests has developed. People from all over the world have taken to the streets in solidarity. Organizations of all types, and individuals from across the US and Canada, have sent money toward the non-sectarian CASA defense fund. This movement didn't appear out of nowhere. The fact that people and organizations are willing to be in solidarity with black bloc militants and peaceful demonstrators alike is clearly a result of the emergence of a new respect for a diversity of tactics.

Did We 'Radicalize This'? An Insider's Look At The Quebec Protests

Radicalize This! Building Resistance To The FTAA And Summit Of The Americas

Since we guessed readers don't need another article telling them how capitalism and the proposed Free Trade of the Americas Agreement (FTAA) are bad and destructive, this article will try to present who's working on the ground in Quebec to organize the resistance.

For A World Without Fascism



August 24th, the National Alliance, the largest and most active neo-nazi
group in North America, will be marching in Washington, DC. Their march is

Re: Anarchist Mobilization Against The WEF:

Summit Of The Americas: NEFAC Propaganda

[Here's the texts of the 4 pages tabloid NEFAC distributed in Quebe-city during the summit of the americas]

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