Anarchist Call For O16 & The Fall Campaign (and Update)

Shut down, disrupt and damage Toronto's financial district on October 16th and Ontario's economy throughout the fall!

On October 16th, the economy of the bosses will no longer be permitted to do business as usual. Strike at their cold, callous, empty hearts as they sleep, when they eat, when they rob us, when they jail us -- make them aware by any means that the good days have ended. From this moment on their every waking thought will be on when, where, what, and whom we strike next.

Five NEFAC Comrades Held By The State

Five members of the Montreal chapter of Red and Anarchist
SkinHeads(RASH), supporter collective of the NorthEastern
Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC), were arrested on
Monday October 16th in
Toronto, during the day of actions called by the Ontario
Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). According to the Toronto
Sun, our comrades face serious charges: "attempting to make
explosives," "possession of a prohibited weapon," "mischief,"
and a host of lesser charges. While unconfirmed, we have heard
that two of our comrades are out on bail, two are waiting for
their bail to be paid, and that the Crown Prosecutor is
attempting to deny any bail to
our fifth comrade.

La clé c'est la solidarité internationale ! NEFAC va collecter des fonds en Amérique du Nord en soutien aux anarchistes toujo

La clé c'est la solidarité internationale ! NEFAC va collecter des fonds en Amérique du Nord en soutien aux anarchistes toujours incarcérés à Prague.

Comme nous devrions tous le savoir maintenant, grâce à la récupération spectaculaire qu'en ont faite les mass médias mondialisées, les manifs du S26 à Prague contre le FMI et la Banque Mondiale furent un succès. Nos camarades européens ont réussi à sérieusement déranger la rencontre des laquais du capitalisme international. La police de Prague a complètement perdu le contrôle de la situation dans le processus et fut totalement humiliée en face de millions de spectateurs du monde entier.

International Solidarity Is The Key ! NEFAC To Collect Funds In North America On Behalf Of Anarchists Still Held In Prague

Call to collect funds in North America for comrades captured during the battle of Prague

The Absolutely Unofficial, Revolutionary Anarchist Clown Bloc Communique

What do we want?

Clown War!

When do we want it?


NEFAC Solidarity With Protestors In Cincinnati

We write this letter in order to express our sorrow and anger at the police
murder of Timothy Thomas, and as a gesture of solidarity with his friends
and family, and with the protesters who are standing up
against police brutality and oppression.

Revolutionary Anarchism And The Anti-Globalization Movement

Revolutionary Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement
by Lucien van der Walt (Bikisha Media Collective)

[originally printed in The Northeastern Anarchist #1]

Seattle And All That

Riot police battling youth. Armed forces locking down a major

Contre la ZLEA : grève générale le 31 Octobre !

Pourquoi une telle mobilisation? Tout simplement parce
que la ZLEA attaque de plein fouet nos droits et
libertés en soumettant les moindres recoins de notre
vie aux soi-disant « lois du marché ». En d’autres
mots, la ZLEA vient cadenasser un peu plus notre
existence en octroyant au Capital d’immenses pouvoirs
lui permettant de poursuivre l’exploitation de notre
travail, la destruction de la planète et la mise au
pas des peuples au nord comme au sud. C’est le
caractère global du projet de zone de libre-échange
des Amériques qui rend nécessaire une lutte globale,
dont la portée doit aller bien au-delà des frontières
les mieux établies. Notre opposition à la ZLEA n’est
pas basée sur une quelconque volonté nationaliste ou
protectionniste. Nous pensons au contraire que les
peuples des Amériques ont tout à gagner à lutter côte
à côte pour mettre un terme à l’exploitation et à la
domination sous toutes leurs formes.

Nine Years Of The Love And Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation

A new wave of radicalization is spreading around the world.
Federations of anarchists are being organized in the U.S and
Canada, and in other countries. The “platformist” current within
international anarchism, with its emphasis on the need for anarchists
to organize themselves, is having worldwide effects. In these
conditions, it is not surprising that there should be an interest in the
last major attempt to build an anarchist federation in North America:
the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (L&R).
Founded in 1989, it lasted to 1998, almost ten years, with branches
in Mexico (Amor y Rabia) and in English-speaking Canada.

A New Syndicalism?

Anarcho-syndicalism has changed a lot from it's origin in
workers' movements of the late 19th century. It saw
many of its practices adopted by reformist institutions,
and other practices rendered illegal by the repressive
hand of the state. Criticisms have grown outside of
workplace related issues, and failures have been
revisited time and again. I'd like to constructively
address some of those criticisms to develop a
revolutionary strategy for tactical intervention with the
economic struggles of our class. Organizing around
economic means is not enough, there are more
struggles than class warfare, but any revolution that
doesn't abolish class isn't a revolution (1). We need to
not try to resurrect old models of anarcho-syndicalism,
but reincarnate the ideals for a new life in our changing

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