Quebec City: A Squat Short Story

Quebec City: A Squat Short Story

On Friday, September 20th, the 920 de la Chevrotiere squat in Quebec City
was evicted following more then 4 months of occupation. The eviction was
carried out by a small army of cops and city officials.

International Anarchist Communist Declaration, Qu

In April 2001, the thirty-four heads of state from the countries of the
Americas, with the exception of Cuba, will meet in Quebec for the third
Summit of the Americas. Negotiations at the summit will raise the stakes
for the creation of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) by 2005.
This free trade agreement extends accords that have already been adopted
(FTA and NAFTA) from the extreme North of Canada to Tierra del Fuego.
NAFTA has had deadly consequences for Mexico, not to mention the wounds
it inflicted on workers in Canada and the United States. So we can
already see by this example several of the disastrous effects FTAA will
have on Latin America.

Montreal : March 15th, 2002: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

We think that above all, the fundamental problem with March 15th 2002 and several other autonomous protests in Montreal is POLITICAL. And it is on this point that we are going to concentrate our efforts in this text.

15 mars 2002, plus ça change, plus c'est pareil!

On ne perdra pas beaucoup de temps pour récapituler les événements du 15
mars 2002.

Le Collectif Opposé à la Brutalité Policière (C.O.B.P.) a organisé une
manifestation pour souligner la sixième Journée Internationale contre la
Brutalité Policière qui a atiré près de 500 personnes. La manifestation
avait comme point de départ le Carré Berri, au centre-ville de Montréal,
autrefois reconnu comme un lieu de rendez-vous pour punks, jeunes
marginalisés et voyageurs "alternatifs". Après plus d'une heure d'attente à
écouter de la musique et des discours(pas très inspirants ni inspirés
malheureusement...), la marche s'est mise en branle direction ouest, as
usual. Une fois devant le Quartier Général de la police, des squeegee punks
se sont mis à "laver" les vitres de l'édifice. Quelques vitres ont brisés et
une auto-patrouille a été graffité.

La Brutalit

La police : une gang de criminels organis

The Police: A Bunch Of Organized And Legalized Criminals At The Service Of Capitalism And The State.

Police are constantly a part of our lives. In the
urban centers of our region, it is normal to cross a
patrol car every two minutes. We are no longer
surprised or alerted when we see police officers. On
the contrary, we are surprised when they are absent!
Police are everywhere and justice is nowhere to be
found; the forces of "law and order" reinforce a
regime which seeks to crush and criminalize the poor
and the powerless when they protest their class

An Anarchist Program For Labor

An Anarchist Program For Labor
by Wayne Price (NEFAC-NYC)

Today there is a general unrest and anger among working people, even
though most workers continue to hold usual "American" views (support of

Fighting To Win!: Anarchists And The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Fighting to Win!: Anarchists and the Ontario Coaltion Against Poverty

[From the Northeastern Anarchist #4, Spring 2002]

Fighting to Win!: Anarchists and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
by Jeff Shantz (NEFAC-Toronto, OCAP)

Statement On The Sept.11 Attacks And Struggle In Ontario

The attacks on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the State Department
on Sept. 11 took everyone by surprise. As we condemn acts of state terror, we
also condemn these acts of non-state terror. Whether planes smash into
buildings or drop bombs, poor and working people always suffer the most. We
want a world where innocent people can live their lives in peace and safety.
But before we can have peace, we must first have justice.

An Anarchist Look At O16 And The Fall Campaign.

An Anarchist analysis of the Oct.16, 2001 shut down of Toronto's financial district.

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