Le 3e congrès de la NEFAC vu par le délégué de la FA

Amérique du nord

3ème congrès de la Nefac

Les 10 et 11 février dernier, à Québec, s'est tenu le troisième congrès de la Nefac, la Fédération anarcho-communiste du nord-est des Amériques, regroupant des groupes implantés aux Etats-Unis et au Québec. Une petite quarantaine de militants étaient présents, représentant les groupes Sabate et Barricada de Boston, le groupe Roundhouse de Baltimore, le groupe Main Noire et le collectif du journal Le Trouble de Montréal, le groupe Emile-Henry (responsable de l'organisation du congrès) et le groupe étudiant Le Maquis de Québec, un groupe de libertaires du Massachusetts et des individu-e-s de Québec et Montréal. Deux thèmes ont largement dominé les discussions et les travaux du congrès, la question organisationnelle et la préparation d'initiatives à l'occasion du sommet des Amériques.

Report From NEFAC's Third Congress

Report from the Third Congress of the
Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists
Quebec City, Februray 10-11, 2001

by Becky (Firefly) & Nicolas (Barricada)

Over 35 people attended the 3rd congress of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) held in Quebec City on February 10th and 11th. Participating delegations hailed from Montreal (Le Trouble, Main Noire, and several as of yet nameless groups), Boston (Barricada and Sabate), Baltimore (Roundhouse), Western Massachusetts, and, of course, Quebec City (Emile-Henry, the hosts, and Le Maquis). Also present was a member of the Lyon section of the Francophone Anarchist Federation (FAF) who extended to the congress the greetings of the FAF and gave a presentation regarding the organizational model of the Lyon region of the FAF.

The Founding Congress Of NEFAC | Le congrès de fondation de la NEFAC

(Une traduction française suit plus bas)

April 2000

The Founding Congress of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)


"We are communists. But our communism is not of the authoritarian school: it is anarchist communism, communism without government, free communism. It is a synthesis of two chief aims pursued by humanity since the dawn of history - economic freedom and political freedom."

Summit Of The Americas: NEFAC Propaganda

The text of the 4 page tabloid NEFAC distributed 10,000 copies of at the Summit of the Americas protests in Quebec City, April 2001

Sommet des Amériques: tract de la NEFAC

(Québec, 19 avril 2001 - Dans le contexte de la mobilisation contre le Sommet des Amériques, la Fédération des anarcho-communistes du Nord Est a décidé de frappé un grand coup propagandiste. Voici les textes en français d'un tabloïd bilingue de 4 pages que nous avons commencer à distribuer aujourd'hui à 10 000 exemplaires.)

Northeastern Anarchist #5

The Northeastern Anarchist

Issue #5, Fall/Winter 2002

In The Workplaces. In The Neighborhoods. On The Streets. BRING THE CLASS WAR HOME.

Strategy and Analysis

  • Voices of Anarchist Union Organizers, Duke (Bad Apple Collective)
  • An Irish Anarchist in the Northeast: Reflections on the North American Anarchist Movement, Chekov Feeney (WSM-Ireland)
  • Bring The Ruckus!

    Bring The Ruckus!

    by the Ruckus Collective (Phoenix, AZ)

    Over the last few years there has been a growing discussion among revolutionaries of the need for a national or continental anti-authoritarian revolutionary organization. This discussion has emerged from several contexts, including the death of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation, the anti-globalization protests that began in Seattle in 1999, and by criticisms of the whiteness of the American left made primarily by revolutionaries of color. World and national events also seem to justify such discussion: globalization, the persistence of the American racial order, and the bankruptcy of reformist movements from the left, right, and center. Yet if talk about the need for a new organization is abundant, steps toward building it have been awkward. Much talk is simply recycled debate over violence and organizational structure, while other debates, such as over strategy, have been largely overlooked.

    Revolutionary Strategy Or Stagism?

    A response to the 'Bring The Ruckus' statement... [from THE NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #5]

    Differences Of Strategy And Organization

    A Response to the 'Bring The Ruckus' Statement... [from THE NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #5]

    What, If Anything, Is A Dual Power Strategy?

    A response to the 'Bring the Ruckus' statement... [from THE NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #5]

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