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Saturday March 1 2014
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA
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Colibri Workers for Rights and Justice

By Sunshine (Providence NEFAC)

Colibri workers locked out when laid off from there factory here in Rhode Island. They have been organizing with a workers center here in RI called Fuerza Laboral. Fuerza specializes in using direct action mobilizing of workers to get back stolen wages. Colibri workers are demanding 60 days back pay, 60 days vacation time and a week severance for each year worked.

ACORN Breaks Into Foreclosed House to Restore it to its Former Owner

by Elie Feasley and Frotchy (Baltimore-Washington NEFAC)

At 3pm on Thursday, February 19th, fifty members and supporters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) gathered outside a boarded-up rowhome in Highlandtown. ACORN representatives handed out t-shirts printed in black, red, and white proclaiming a foreclosure-free-zone as the crowd of supporters grew. Followed closely by reporters and news cameras, the group used a pair of boltcutters to remove a padlock, broke down the door, and entered the house. Louis Beverly, an organizer with ACORN, declared, "This is our house now!" after cutting off the lock. The house was formerly owned by Donna Hanks, a fiery woman who has seen her life turned upside down by an adjustable rate mortgage and mounting bills. She was evicted last month after falling victim to foreclosure. Clearly exhausted and embittered, but eager to continue the fight, she proclaimed, "This place is gutted. This is wrong." She will soon begin moving back in to the house. Before they left, ACORN replaced the lock on the door with one belonging to Hanks.

Takeback NYU: New York University Occupied


Occupation ended.

Feb 21st, 2009 by Take Back NYU!

At around 2pm today, members of Take Back NYU! left the Kimmel Center for University Life, ending a 40 hour+ occupation. Their action made national and international news, and showcased the real power of the new student movement sweeping the globe.

No doubt NYU will begin attempting disciplinary action, but no suspensions, expulsions or arrests can contain what began in the last two days. This fight will carry on in the hands of the dozens of people who made it inside, and the hundreds more who came out to support the occupation. NYU showed its irrational need to defend secrecy and its exclusive hold on power, and that alone will drive this movement forward.

For everyone showing support: the real lesson here is that you can act and you can make a difference. Take the lessons from the occupation on to your own struggle, and begin to act yourself. Onward.

NYU Building Takeover!

At approximately 10pm tonight (Feb. 18), students of Take Back NYU! took over the Kimmel Marketplace. They have blockaded the doors and declared an occupation! They presented their demands to the NYU administration. They read as follows:


We, the students of NYU, declare an occupation of this space. This occupation is the culmination of a two-year campaign by the Take Back NYU! coalition, and of campaigns from years past, in whose footsteps we follow.

In order to create a more accountable, democratic and socially responsible university, we demand the following:

Wall Street Gets Bailed Out, Philly Gets Thrown Out

By Sean West (Philly NEFAC)

Despite news of a massive economic crisis sounding throughout the nation, we in Philly seemingly got a break from the bad news in the later weeks of October into November. We partied. The Phil’s won the World Series, resulting in wild, rowdy festivities up and down Broad Street (and a wee bit of rioting). Halloween celebrations went off across the city with their usual flair and fun. Then, in early November the wild street parties went off again when the election of Barack Obama on Tuesday, November 4th brought to an end eight years of neoconservative rule.

Then, announcing a sweeping round of cuts to social services and city government to balance the budget, Mayor Nutter crashed the party on November 6th. . I’ll be fair and say that the budget crisis is not entirely of the Mayor’s making. He’s dealing with an economic crisis brought about by the misdeeds and quest for profit-at-any-expense brought about by Wall Street, major financial institutions, and the rich, which is now hitting home in many major American cities and municipalities. Wall Street has been bailed out while working people have been thrown out of their homes and jobs, have left college for lack of tuition and cities have been left to fend for themselves.

New School demands from the Radical Student Union

The New School Radical Student Union issued several demands prior to today's occupation. Wednesday, December 10th, the Radical Student Union issued several demands at a demonstration and sit-in at the Board of Trustees meeting for the New School University. With a student occupation underway in the New School cafeteria, the same demands are being brought to the fore with greater force.

Greece: We Didn't Need Another Martyr

While Greece was preparing for its general strike on Wednesday 10 December against the Karamanlis government and against the economic crisis, and with the grassroots mobilization in schools and universities growing for some time against proposed reforms, Alexandros Grigoropolous, only 16 years old, was the unlucky choice to become victim and scapegoat of the police apparatus and was killed in cold blood by the State's forces of repression.

LE CHANGEMENT DONT NOUS AVONS BESOIN: Une perspective anarchiste sur l'élection présidentielle de 2008

L'élection est terminée. Barack Obama deviendra le prochain président des États-Unis. La nouvelle de la victoire d'Obama a donné lieu à des célébrations spontanées dans tout le pays. L'énergie était partout contagieuse et partout les conversations semblaient traduire une perspective positive que les gens aux États-Unis n'ont pas connu depuis de longues années.

CHANGE WE NEED: An Anarchist Perspective on the 2008 Election

The election is over. Barack Obama will become the next president of The United States. The news of Obama's victory resulted in spontaneous celebrations across the country. The energy was infectious and everywhere conversations seemed to contain a positive outlook that people in the U.S. have not known for many long years. Words like change and hope are being used, and it seems widely assumed that the election of Obama will herald a new age of social justice, an end to the wars, and significant reduction in the racism the plagues U.S. society. But as the energy and media spectacle dies down, we would like for you to consider the election from a different perspective. It is our belief as Class Struggle Anarchists that elections in a capitalist society in fact can never bring true justice and security to the average working person. We do not believe that such elections can with any degree of permanence prevent wars, or deal effectively with racism, sexism or environmental degradation.

[Brochure] Les barricades renversées - la rebellion de Oaxaca

Une autre brochure éditée en mai dernier par l'Union locale de Montréal...


Une traduction de Louisane LeBlanc (loulouleblanc@yahoo.ca)

Par le Collectif Reinventions

Le texte qui suit est le résultat d'une étroite collaboration et il est le fruit d'un nombre considérable de rencontres et de discussions. De plus, il reflète les concessions mutuelles, voire les hésitations, d'une conversation qui à court. Il est à noter dès le début que cet essai ne prétend pas être un compte-rendu fidèle de la rébellion de Oaxaca ni même le produit d'une observation active ou d'une expérience vécue des événements. Comme tous les événements historiques lourds de sens, la rébellion de Oaxaca renferme plusieurs vérités, pas seulement une Vérité Absolue. Toujours est-il que cette analyse a été écrite loin de l'agitation mexicaine, alors qu'ici nous discutions. Quoique le texte soit d'une attitude partisane qui saute aux yeux, principalement pour les rebelles de Oaxaca, surtout pour les plus radicaux parmi eux, ce n'est pas un travail de simple complaisance ou de désolation. Même si ce texte dépeint un genre de ventriloquisme commun à la gauche, il ne prétend pas parler au nom des rebelles de Oaxaca qui peuvent très certainement parler pour eux-mêmes. Cet essai tente de mettre en perspective la rébellion et de révéler où a pris source ce phénomène et rien de plus.

Ce texte a été rédigé après l'apogée de la rébellion de Oaxaca, et ce, avec la certitude que ce mouvement n'est pas mort, que d'une manière ou d'une autre la lutte qui a débuté en 2006 continuera. Notre analyse est présentée dans l'espoir d'éclairer le lecteur avant que le soulèvement de Oaxaca ne soit mythologisé (par les antiautoritaires), distordu (par tous les Léninistes d'avant-garde qui, arrogants de surcroît, sont empressés de communiquer leurs sévères " leçons " à la " populace " de Oaxaca) ou simplement oublié puisque les médias ne font plus de cette rébellion leur chou gras.

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