Why NEFAC? A Barricada Position Paper

In this article we seek to explain how we went from synthesism to platform oriented anarcho-communism, why we feel there is a need for a platform oriented anarchist federation in the Northeast (and in North America in general), and why we are attempting to shift the focus of our activity and agitation.

Boston's Festival Del Pueblo: A Critical Analysis

A hopelessly late, not wholly adequate (we weren't really in the mood to write about it), and very critical analysis of, not only the Festival del Pueblo, but also what we learned about ourselves, campaigns, and the anarchist movement as a whole through the experience.

Social War By Other Means

I believe it was Clausewitz who said that war was simply politics carried out by other means. I think that the reverse is a truer expression of social reality. Politics is simply the social war carried out using less bloody means. If we consider that it is always the ruling class and its lackeys who call for social peace, demanding that the exploited and excluded refrain from violence in dealing with their social condition, it becomes obvious that social peace is simply part of the strategy of the social war. For this reason, the peace movement must be rejected as a way of dealing with the current American call for war.

"Why Do They Hate Us?"

A small group of militants, hundreds or a few thousand, hated the U.S.A. so much that they spent years planning their attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. They did not care that they would murder thousands of people, mostly working people. They were so perversely dedicated that they were willing to die themselves in the attacks.

The Tragedy Of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a tragic country. The Soviet-backed coup and subsequent invasion in 1979 ushered in more than two decades of brutal war. During the 1980's, the US supplied at least USD 32 billion [1] of military aid to the mujahadeen, the Islamic opposition to the Soviet regime. The US explicitly channelled their funding to the most fanatical and violent islamists in an attempt to cause the maximum damage to the Russians.


Audio provided by A-Infos Radio Project.

Open City Responds To "Rock Of Dissent" By Israel Shamir

Open City Anarchist Collective Responds to "Rock of Dissent" by Israel Shamir

Below is an article by Israel Shamir (who turns out to be quite a shady character despite his eloquent attacks on zionism, see the Electronic Intifada at http://www.nigelparry.com/issues/shamir/ for

Montreal Mayday 2002: NEFAC Call For Anarchist Contingent

The Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) calls upon all workers, the unemployed, welfare recipients, the precarious, all those who try the best they can to tie both ends at the end of the month, all single moms who struggle daily, all immigrants who are refused basic rights at work and in housing to join the anarchist contingent
in the labour march on Mayday.

G8 Assassins! NEFAC Call To Action (July 2001)

NEFAC call for protests at Italian embassies throughout the region in respose to the shooting death of Carlo Guiliani in Genoa

Report From The Fifth NEFAC Congress

Fifth Congress of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

The fifth semi-annual conference of NEFAC was held in Baltimore from Friday, February 22nd to Sunday the 24th. Well over 50 people were in attendance at the conference which saw a significant expansion of NEFAC’s membership as well as a conscious move to develop a serious long-term strategy centered around strategic interventions in concrete areas of the class struggle.

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