What Is Anarchist Communism?

What is Anarchist Communism?

by Toby, Thrall (Aotearoa)

What? Anarchist Communism? Surely that's a contradiction in terms. Doesn't communism mean a draconian police state, and anarchism the destruction of the state? Surely then the two are incompatible? Well, this article argues the opposite. A stateless and voluntary form of communism is an essential complement to anarchism. I believe anarchism is impossible without it.

From my experience in anarchist circles in Aotearoa all too often many anarchists seem to be stuck in a simplistic notion that anarchism is just something to do with forming small collectives of friends (affinity groups) who have occasional meetings where everybody sits in circles and tries to be non-authoritarian. If pressed, most of these anarchists will say anarchism is something to do with getting rid of authority and respecting individual liberty. I think we need to transcend this crude anarchist theory and practice - and here anarchist communism is very useful. Anarchist communism gets beyond the liberal notions outlined

Is Uncle Sam About To Get Caught - BETWEEN IRAQ AND A HARD PLACE?

An anti-state communist perspective on the war

BOOK REVIEW: Kropotkin And The Rise Of Revolutionary Anarchism, 1872-1886

Kropotkin and the Rise of Revolutionary Anarchism, 1872-1886
by Caroline Cahm (Cambridge University Press, 2002); 372pp. $35

After Bakunin's death, without a doubt the single most important exponent of the revolutionary anarchist ideal was Peter Kropotkin. Sympathetic biographers have often regarded Kropotkin as something of a naive idealist or "gentle rebel". Yet he always maintained that idealism had to be expressed in action - often violent action - which should be in conformity with and directed towards the attainment of a clearly articulated aims and ideals. He was, above all, a man of action and an uncompromising revolutionary agitator. Indeed, the great anarchist historian Max Nettlau remarked that in comparison to other leading anarchist militants of the period such as Elisee Reclus, Kropotkin was "harder, less tolerant, and more disposed to be practical". This is the Peter Kropotkin of Caroline Cahm's study.

Thousands Down Tools Over Iraq War

Thousands of workers across Europe were reported Friday to have observed a labor union's call for a short strike to protest against possible war in Iraq.

Philadelphia: Political Prisoner/POW Panel And Discussion

Join former political prisoners and former inmates; family and friends of current political prisoners and inmates; and the organizations, activists, and allies that support them for a day of discussion and education about political prisoners, prisoners of war, the prison industry and the erosion of our civil liberties.

Des Locataires


Angry Tenants Evict Quebec Housing Tribunal

Quebec, march 10th 2003 -- More then 300 angry tenants took part in the symbolic eviction of Quebec Housing Tribunal during a demo in Quebec City monday afternoon.

Workers Solidarity Movement's Position Paper On The Gulf War (1991)

If we were in a position to do so we would call on the workers of the countries in which the Americans are based to refuse to handle anything connected with the war, as a lead-up to declaring a general strike demanding US withdrawal. We would, simultaneously, call on U.S. workers to refuse to handle any war materials destined for the Gulf.

Two Thousand Anarchists Go On Rampage In San Francisco

Two Thousand Anarchists go on Rampage in San Francisco

by B

Thousands of protestors marched, danced and sprinted through the streets of San Francisco today,shouting slogans against war, racism and capitalism. The protestors were part of a breakaway march from the larger permitted rally organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) which brought out approximately 200,000 demonstrators.

After the permitted march got to its destination, about two thousand demonstrators broke off and proceded on a militant and well-planned march through the streets of the city.

European Anarcho-Syndicalists Support Anti-War Strike

The syndicalist movement has the responsibility of amplifying the mobilisation against the war, in particular inside the companies.

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