Canadian Dock Workers Refuse To Load Military Cargo

Dock workers protest Iraq invasion
WebPosted Mar 18 2003 09:12 AM EST

SAINT JOHN - Port city longshoremen are refusing to load ships with any military cargo meant for use against Iraq.

That includes any equipment or supplies bound from Camp Gagetown to the Persian Gulf.


A couple of suggestions from (No War But The) Class War Toronto

IWA Actions Against The Capitalist War

As the main attack against Iraq is only hours away, we appeal to all workers to go on with the work and actions against the capitalist wars in general, and specifically against the war against Iraq!

Global Health Alert: If War Makes You Sick, Do Something About It!

Take a sick day for the people of Iraq, 21st March 2003.

What Do Workers Think About The War?

It is hard to know what the working people of the U..S. think about the Iraqi war, or any other political matter. People are carefully trained, by the media, public schools, and the political parties, not to think about such matters. People often feel that politics is a natural event, over which they have no more control than over earthquatkes and other disasters.

Statement On The Murder Of Rachel Corrie

The military might of Israel has been pounding the cities, towns and camps of the Palestinian Arabs of the Occupied Territories. Thousands have been slain, including our comrade Rachel Corrie, a young activist with the International Solidarity Movement whose work we have has supported in New York City.

DC: When The War Starts, America Stops!

On bike--7:30 am at Dupont Circle for a Critical Mass "Race Against War". On foot--7:00 am at the Eastern Market metro station for a "March of Resistance"

When War Starts The World Stops!

When War Starts The World Stops!

New Brunswick: When The War Starts, No Business As Usual!

Call for a Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Contingent New Brunswick, NJ

Emergency Demonstration Day Of/Day After War Escalates - 5PM

(If War Announced Before 5PM, Demo Will Be That Day. If After 5PM, Demo Next Day)

It's time to up the stakes!

STOP The Work & War Machine (Toronto, Mar. 22)

A public forum presented by,
No War But The Class War! (Toronto)

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