Class War In Iraq

Warsaw 1944, Grozny 1994, Berlin 1945, Stalingrad
1942, such were the military metaphors conjured up by
the media. In the end it was more Los Angeles 1992.
Yet again the working people of Iraq have put their
needs before the siren call of patriotism.

Platformism Without Illusions: Ireland

NEFAC interviews the Workers Solidarity Movement

THROWING A WRENCH IN THE WARMACHINE: Anti-authoritarian Organizing Against War, Occupation And The System That Spawns Them.

A conference of discussion, debate, direct action training, & fun. Initiated by the Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives

Anarchy In Iraq?

After the fall of Saddam's dictatorship, a wave of looting erupted in towns and cities across Iraq. The media was outraged, often more concerned about stolen property than the civilians wounded and murdered by the US invasion. It was proclaimed that Iraq was falling into "anarchy." This is unsurprising, if annoying, for anarchists.

Book Review: Quiet Rumors: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader

edited by Dark Star (Dark Star/AK Press 2002); 120 pp. $15

If anarchism 'undefined' is the sprawling body of thought that it is, reaching such polar philosophical distances as rugged individualism on one hand and libertarian communism on the other, then "anarcha-femiinism" also covers such a vast political terrain with fuzzy boundaries. Whether anarcha-feminism is really Radical Feminism, or Situationism with a feminist bent, or a post-Leftist post-feminism, one never seems to know in this anthology. Of course, its contents are only a reflection of what anarcha-feminism has so far produced, and cannot be blamed. And it is successful in the publishers' ultimate aim, which is to reopen the door on the anarcha-feminist question and revive this debate which never really developed much beyond its once promising beginnings. So what do we have in this anthology? Well for one it is very beautifully put together. Despite its lack of chronology, I will start with the oldest articles - contributions from such foremothers as Voltairine DeCleyre, Emma Goldman, and Charlotte Wilson - the latter being a hero of British anarchist-communism at the turn of the century we ignorantly do not much hear of in North America.

Plan `disintegrated': Clarke

Fallen barricades defining moment Court hears of protest plans

Urgent Action Smoke's Pending Deportation

Wolf Smoke is an Indigenous citizen of Turtle Island -
he is a Lakota National who refuses to allow Canada or
America to impose citizenship upon him. He has been
harassed and targeted by both Canadian and American
authorities for his adamant refusal to become a North
American colonial citizen.

Proces G20: Lettre Ouverte De Jonathan, Christina Et Jaggi

-- Nous avons besoin de VOUS dans la salle de cour mardi prochain!

-- Plaidoiries et fort probablement un verdict la semaine prochaine

-- Lettre ouverte de Jonathan, Christina et Jaggi.

OCAP Solidarity Message To So-Called "Rioters" In Montreal

What's At Stake In The 'Queen's Park Riot' Jury Trial?

An analysis of the so-called 'Queens Park riot' and the OCAP jury trial by John Clarke, one of the defendants.

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