Repression Against Anarchists In South Russia

This year, on January, 13th, the court has taken place on two Krasnodar "Autonomous Action" activists - Lion S. and Dmitry R., accused of beating the director of the press-service of Kuban oil company "Rosneft" Mr. Dolgov.

The judge has declared a break. Hearing will proceed on January, 21. According to our comrades, on court there were two persons, presumably, employees of FSB (federal security service, modern analog of the well known KGB).

Later they came to the judge and persistently waited, when the defendants and their lawyers would leave the court, probably, very much wanted to communicate to the judge.

The defendants think that one of their friends gave evidence against them under the influence of law enforcement bodies.

Obviously, one FSBist sat in a hall of court in order to press this man.

The defendants reconciled with Mr. Dolgov in the court for 30,000 rbs (approximately USD 1,000).

Now a state and FSB want to punish them. Lawyers speak that in this situation (reconciliation of the parties) the court can close in general business for the benefit of accused, but Kuban FSB, probably, will not calm down in any way.

To us it is absolutely clear, that Krasnodar "gendarmes" on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Security Service (FSB) simply uses the case to jail Krasnodar anarcho-communists.



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