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Building An Anarchist Workers Network

Building an Anarchist Workers Network

As much as 'anti-capitalism' has gained popularity in the last few years through the anti-globalization movement, revolutionary-anarchist ideas and practices haven't spread widely amongst working people. That's why NEFAC has established a (modest) program of agitating around 'bread and butter' issues, such as housing struggles, workplace struggles and immigration rights. At a special strategy meeting in Boston in December 2002, we decided to initiate an Anarchist Workers Network in the northeast so fellow anarchists and anarchist sympathisers could get invlolved with us in labor struggles regardless if they share the ideas of our platform or the direction of our program.

Despite all of their flaws, 'mainstream' AFL-CIO type unions regroup millions of workers in our region and it would be a sign of weakness and defeat if anarchists were to continue to abandon them to the reformist bureaucracies. The Anarchist Workers Network we envision would be active simultaneously within and outside of these unions. Rank and file workers could use it as a rallying point to gain power in their locals as well as a tool to build cross-union solidarity.

As of yet, the network has been fairly quiet despite having over 100 people sign up for it during NEFAC's 'Anarchy at Work' speaking tour last May in Quebec and Ontario. Meetings have been held in Toronto and in Montreal a few 'Solidarity Pickets' were organized this summer to support striking workers at Labatt's and in the Old Port. A similar speaking tour should be held in New England and the Mid-Atlantic in the coming months, hopefully interest for the network will manifest itself there.

An internet information list on workplace struggles has been set up to help circulate local information throughout the network. If you would like to be on this list, send an email to mtl@nefac.net with the mention 'Sign me up for At Work'. If the internet isn't your cup of tea, contact the local NEFAC collective in your city to find out how you can get active. For too long anarchism has been divorced from the labor movement in North America, it's time to organize as anarchists and more importantly, as workers, to fight the bosses.