Camilos Trial Rescheduled; Support Builds

Dear Friend and Supporter of Camilo Viveiros,

Camilo's trial has been rescheduled to April 5th. While the new date may seem like a long time away, every moment from now to then is valuable in order to mobilize crucial support and keep Camilo from spending time behind bars!

We encourage "Friends of Camilo" groups to keep meeting and where there are no groups to form new ones. As time passes, many have forgotten that there are charges still remaining from the Republican Convention protests. We need to keep Camilo's trial in mind when we go to large events, conferences and lectures - remembering to gather signatures for the petition to Philadelphia officials and to distribute literature (download from as folks did at the recent anti-war protest in DC and as many plan to do at th! e FTAA protests in Miami in November. From small community meetings to large national demonstrations, please join us in publicizing Camilo's case, and gathering support through letters and the petition. From a small community of priests in New York, to Jobs with Justice in South Florida, we are generating and must continue to generate support among labor, religious, ecology and youth groups, student and community activists.

With the extra time the postponement grants us, we can organize a variety of fundraisers, educational events and even arts-related happenings to keep us motivated as we move ahead. For example, Friends of Camilo Providence and Providence Puppet Conspiracy are working to put together a Camilo fundraising tour that will take place late November and December. (They plan to travel around New England, New York, Pennsylvania and possibly the Midwest. The show will be a mix of puppet theatre and videos about Camilo's case and the growing U.S. prison system. They are hoping friends of Camilo and allies all over will take this opportunity to organize a fundraiser for Camilo. They are looking for people to find venues, organize publicity and invite local groups to events and potentially find other performers. Anyone interested in helping to organize a puppetry event please call or email Mary at 401-270-5223 or

Please keep steadfast in your efforts to build public and political support. There are still many who have only heard the lingering lies and slanders that were created to defuse public criticism of the Philadelphia police. If we allow the public to remain ignorant of who Camilo is and what is stake, then ultimately a jury who has only had access to smears against protesters might decide Camilo's fate. We need to work hard to counter these myths that have been perpetuated.

We must work to speak truth to power and mobilize enough support to have community pressure behind us. That requires us all to reach out to friends, family and colleagues who live in Philadelphia and make this a community issue. Taxpayers' funds have been used to support the criminalization of Camilo rather than to support needed social service programs. We need to let people know that Camilo went to Philly to support the important programs that affect the average Philadelphian. As the prosecution against Camilo continues, our community issues are obscured by their false allegations and slanders.

Over the next weeks and months, we look forward to meeting and working with our allies and strengthening our community of support. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but together we have already accomplished much. Let's work to ensure that we can all say we did whatever we could to make! justice possible.

With love and solidarity,

Friends of Camilo

PS We hope to soon see your events and organizing activities listed under the "events section" of the Friends of Camilo website: