Anarchist Call For O16 & The Fall Campaign (and Update)

Anarchist call for O16 & the fall campaign
Published Sept. 7, 2001.


Shut down, disrupt and damage Toronto's financial district on October 16th
and Ontario's economy throughout the fall!

On October 16th, the economy of the bosses will no longer be permitted to do
business as usual. Strike at their cold, callous, empty hearts as they sleep,
when they eat, when they rob us, when they jail us -- make them aware by any
means that the good days have ended. From this moment on their every waking
thought will be on when, where, what, and whom we strike next.

On Oct. 16th, thousands will converge in Toronto's financial district to
paralyze the center of capital in Canada. Thousands have had enough of token
protest and registering dissent, thousands will fight together and win if
only for the reasons of necessity and survival, if only for the simple fact
that now many upon many thousands can no longer bear to do nothing.

The battle lines have been drawn. "Enough is enough!" is our declaration. We
call on all anarchists, anti-athoritarians, anti-capitalists and other allies
to form an united anarchist contingent on Oct. 16th and to participate in
economic disruption throughout the fall. We call on all so-
called "hooligans", "thugs", and "brutes" -- everyone pregnant with
capitalism's ruin-- to converge and destroy the bosses' privilege.

You! We call to you and those with whom you work, run, live, and were
imprisoned with. Everyone tired of existing on too little to live and on too
much to die. All struck sick with a new contempt, a new dawn to stand firm
and be ungovernable.

For six years we have suffered vicious state attacks on social welfare,
heathcare, housing, and work standards. Even basic water treatment has not
escaped the neo-liberal agenda that the Ontario Tories so arrogantly lead,
blazing a path that other provinces and the federal government follow
regardless of what parties are in power.

The state alone is not to blame. It is not some abstract bogeyman residing in
the dark, it is concrete --as solid as the bricks we hurl-- protecting the
beast known as capitalism. The policies brought forth by the Progressive
Conservatives are the local examples of globalization and the restructuring
of international capital. While other countries have been forced to cut
social programs because of IMF loan conditions the Progressive Conservative
government has energetically and voluntarily done the same in order to make
Ontario "open for business". Premier Mike Harris makes it very clear that he
sees the real priority in society lying not with the millions of people who
need housing, a living wage and clean water but with the largest companies
and their profit margins

In response to all of the above, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
has fought back. Most dramatically with last year's march on the legislature
that turned into a pitched battle with riot police. Since then they have
organized hundreds of community groups, labour councils, unions, and others
into an Ontario Common Front to participate in a fall campaign of economic
disruption, starting with the shut down of Toronto's financial district on
Oct. 16th. We will go directly to the companies making huge profits off the
backs of Ontario's poor and working people and shut them down by any means

We, anarchist and anti-authoritarian revolutionaries, must stand by and fight
as the poor and working people of Ontario on Oct. 16th and throughout the
fall as we wage a long, hard, uncompromising fight with our class enemies.
This is the anti-capitalist movement becoming pro-active instead of merely
reacting to summits, meetings and the bosses schedules. On Oct. 16th and the
months to follow Mike Harris and the bosses will lose millions of dollars and
a lot of sleep.

The Anarchist contingent is open to all anarchists and anti-authoritarians. A
black bloc is but one tactic and we are in favour of a diversity of tactics.
We do, however, strongly recommend people come prepared to protect themselves
from police violence (gas masks, helmets, shields, padding, water, and above
all else self-organization. Do not bring ID, phone books, or anything that
will make the police's job easier. )

The demonstration will mass at Nathan Philips Square, in front of city hall,
at the intersection of Queen and Bay St. There will be a free pancake
breakfast at 5:00am before stepping off towards the financial district at
6:00am. The goal is to shut down the streets, underground walkways, subway
and train stations, and key corporate targets until 6pm. Be creative, use
tactics that the police are not accustomed, use surprise.

To march with the anarchist contingent assemble at the banner reading:

To wait is defeat,

Issued by the Freyheyt collective (supporter-NEFAC, Toronto)
Box 116, 339a College St., Toronto ON, M5T 1S2 or email

Endorsed by: Trouble-dot news bulletin, Satan MacNuggit popular arts,
Colletif du Trouble (Montreal),Union locale de Qu