Five NEFAC Comrades Held By The State

Five NEFAC Comrades Held by the State

Fri, 19 Oct 2001

NEFAC Red Alert!

Anarchist Front of the Class Struggle:
Five NEFAC Comrades Held By the State

Five members of the Montreal chapter of Red and Anarchist
SkinHeads(RASH), supporter collective of the NorthEastern
Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC), were arrested on
Monday October 16th in
Toronto, during the day of actions called by the Ontario
Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). According to the Toronto
Sun, our comrades face serious charges: "attempting to make
explosives," "possession of a prohibited weapon," "mischief,"
and a host of lesser charges. While unconfirmed, we have heard
that two of our comrades are out on bail, two are waiting for
their bail to be paid, and that the Crown Prosecutor is
attempting to deny any bail to
our fifth comrade.

This heavy blow adds up to nearly a dozen cases of repression
faced by members of the federation in Quebec City, Montreal
and Boston. In all of these cases, our comrades are at risk
of serving time in prison. As you can see, we are in need of

Whatever the charges against our comrades arrested in Toronto
end up being officially, they urgently need moral and financial

You can send a solidarity message to:

Or to:
RASH Mtl, C.P. 491, Montreal, PQ, H2L 4K4

We will be in contact about specific needs and our demands to the State.