International Day Of Action Against War

International Day of Action Against War

The infinite war of George Bush is an infinite injustice. There is no freedom, no peace for the occupied populations of Iraq, Afghanistan or Palestine. The millions of anti-war demonstrators from the four corners of the globe who opposed the aggression on Iraq were right. The Iraq war brought no freedom, no democracy for the Iraqi people who are resisting the occupation more and more.

Neither can the vultures of Iraq be at one and the same time the doves of peace in Palestine, where the objective of Bush and his ally Sharon is to suppress a people who continue to fight under the worst of conditions for the recognition of their rights.

The American Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld, expressed the heart of his doctrine in July when he said "My opinion is that we are in the middle of a global war against terrorism and anyone who disagrees with that is on the side of the terrorists".

We urgently need to develop our struggle against this crazy

Because the real terrorists are not the Iraqis, nor the
Palestinians, nor anyone who rises up against injustice. The
terrorists are those who order the massacre of the occupied

Anti-war coalitions in various countries have called for an
international day of protest against all occupations on the
coming 27th September, the 3rd anniversary of the Second

We invite you to join to us for this international movement by organizing a demonstration on 27th September in Paris against the occupation of Iraq and for justice in Palestine.

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