International Solidarity Is The Key ! NEFAC To Collect Funds In North America On Behalf Of Anarchists Still Held In Prague

International Solidarity is the Key ! NEFAC to Collect Funds in North America on Behalf of Anarchists Still Held in Prague

Sun, 15 Oct 2000

As we all should know by now, thanks to the
spectacular recuperation made by the globalized
mass-media, the S26 protests in Prague against the IMF
and World Bank were a success. Our European comrades
succeeded in seriously disturbing the meeting of the
lackey of international capitalism. In the process,
the Prague police force completly lost control of the
situation and were totally humiliated in the face of
millions of viewers world-wide.

As a result, they arrested some 950+ protesters (or
individuals who looked like protesters) in the
downtown area, beating many in the process (up to 60%
according to INPEG, the protest organizer, survey).
Most of the arrested people lost all rights --such as
a phone call, legal representation, food, water and
even sleep, and many were reportedly tortured at the
hands of the police. We won't repeat the whole story
here, people can judge by themself by reading
available material at and

As of today (October 9th), thanks to a massive
international campaign, all but 16 protesters were
released. The fact that only 25 will be prosecuted
show's in itself that all of the police repression and
violence was baseless and that most people were
arrested only because they dared to demonstrate their
opposition to global capitalism.

That said, even if the release of the vast majority of
the prisonners is in itself a victory, there are still
16 comrades in jail. Among them are 8
anarchist-communists from Budapest, Hungary, who have
been charged with 'an attack against a public
official' (in this case policemen). According to
unofficial information our Czech comrades gave us, the
police have no evidence against them. All have a
State-appointed lawyer, but because such lawyers have
proved inadequate in representing activists in the
past, the Czech anarchists have found a new lawyer for
them. He will take this case and his work will cost
less than is normal, however they will still need
money for the defense costs.

Since these comrades are anarchists, and so suspected
of being dangerous trouble-makers (rioters!), we don't
expect much support. That is why the Northeastern
Federation of Anarcho-Communist (NEFAC) will collect
funds to help free these comrades. If we anarchists do
not show some basic solidarity, no one else will.

In the USA, please send funds to:

Sabate Anarchist Collective
NEFAC International Secretariat
PO Box 230685
Boston, MA 02123

[Check must be earmarked " S26 Solidarity "]

In Canada, please send funds to :