Montreal: Support Striking Labatt Workers

Montreal: Support Striking Labatt Workers

The employees of the Labatt brewery are on strike since June 16th. They are fighting against sub-contracting, different statuses amongst employees(some need to work 16 years to finally get good salaries, social avantages and even to get vacations) as well as for making the retirement plan better.

As usual, they're being scabbed by different sub-contracting companies such as Robert Transport, Fut Ideal, Oland, all protected by rent-a-cop of BEST security.

Groupe anarchiste Bete Noire (NEFAC-Montreal) is
organizing support for the striking Labatt employees.

We encourage you to come with us to help the striking
workers picket.


Thursday August 21st, 6h30 pm,
Metro Angrignon, Montreal

contact :