We Don't Want Your Bloody Wars!

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Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001


As a result of the terrorist attacks that took place on Tuesday,
September 11, over 6,000 people are still missing or confirmed dead. We
anarchists stand with the rest of the world in expressing our deep sorrow
and disbelief over this devastation which took place in New York City,
Washington DC, and rural Pennsylvania. It goes without saying that we are
against the deliberate and indiscriminate use of violence as a means to
achieve political ends, and firmly believe that terrorist activity runs
contrary to our own vision of radical social change.

Although the targets of these recent attacks may be viewed as
symbolic centers of global capitalism (World Trade Center), and U.S.
militarism (Pentagon), a majority of the victims of these atrocities were
ordinary, working class people, and this is indefensible. Our hearts go
out to the families and friends of the missing and dead.


Although the United States has promised a drawn out 'war against
terrorism', we will not allow ourselves to be manipulated into supporting
this war effort. As anarchists, we stand against terrorism in all its
forms, and make no distinction between terror used by religious
extremists, capitalist exploiters, or that of the State.

The terrorism of religious extremists is a very real threat in the
world today, and can be seen in the form of abortion clinic bombings by
far-right Christian fundamentalists, the massacre of Palestinians by
ultra-orthodox Jewish settlers, and now the recent attacks on the east
coast of the United States (which has been blamed on Islamic extremists).
These are, of course, inexcusable acts of terrorism used by religious
zealots to cause bloodshed and instill fear amongst the public. However,
these acts of terrorism are often eclipsed by even more violent and
destructive forms of terrorism embodied in capitalism and the State.

The capitalist philosophy of 'profit over people' has a long and
bloody history, which has resulted in obscene wealth for the few and
widespread death and suffering for the majority of the world's
population. From the early roots of slavery and colonization, to the more
recent phase of globalization, capitalism has always used the terrorist
actions of the State to violently enforce it's rule.

As the most powerful capitalist State (politically, economically,
and militarily), the United States has been a prime motivating force
behind many devastating terrorist campaigns. From the atomic bombing of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the more recent bombing of the Al Shifa
Pharmaceutical company in Sudan; from the installation of dictatorships
in Latin America, to the financial and military aid of murderous regimes
in Israel, Turkey, Colombia, and elsewhere; from the deliberate
cluster-bombing of a crowded Yugoslav marketplace to ongoing economic
sanctions against Iraq which have culminated in over 500,000 children
dead; and now, in a new 'war against terrorism' abroad, we can expect to
see a new chapter in the terrorist legacy of the United States. These
events are not historical exceptions, rather they are a necessary
component of maintaining the economic and political dominance of a
powerful capitalist State.


As popular support for the belligerent reaction of the US government
grows in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks, we can once again see
racist attacks in the streets as nationalism rear its ugly head.
Nationalism has traditionally been the process in which the ruling class
uses racism, patriotism and religion as a means to get the working class
to identify with the State and it's values. The fear and powerlessness
felt in the aftermath of the recent attacks has been channeled into blind
patriotism and racist attacks, which only serves the interests of the
ruling class. The increasing violence against Arabs, Moslems, peoples of
Middle Eastern decent (and people perceived to be members of those ethnic
and religious groups) will be exploited in an effort to reinforce the war
effort abroad, and keep the working class divided at home.

We anarchists extend our full solidarity to those currently under
racist attack as a result of the nationalist backlash, and will actively
take part in any defense of these communities if necessary (while
respecting their autonomy and self-determination). We will promote, as
always, anti-racism and internationalist working class solidarity as our
strongest weapon against the global ruling classes and their wars.


We do not see this current war effort as a war against terrorism,
but rather, a war against humanity. The U.S. government is prepared to
invade numerous countries and cause untold atrocities and destruction in
a multi-front war against an invisible and unknown enemy. Like all wars
fought by the State, this is a war of power. The United States is not
prepared to combat the real root causes of terrorism, which would require
fundamental change in it's own foreign policy. Rather it wants to
consolidate it's position as the dominant world power.

The tragic human toll of the recent terrorist attacks will be used
as a justification to slash education, housing, health care and social
programs in order to finance an already gluttonous military budget. A
heightened state of repression will exist for everyone as civil liberties
are lost in exchange for a false sense of security and justice. And
finally, national pride and patriotism will be used to send young,
working class victims off to be human fodder in an effort reinforce U.S.
imperialist domination.

Anarchists, and all progressive movements, must stand in opposition
to this military aggression as we would any other. It is only through
active struggle against all forms of terrorism, be they religious,
capitalist, or that of the State, that we can bring the global cycle of
violence to an end once and for all.


From within the unspeakable tragedy and devastation that took place
on Tuesday, September 11, we see seeds of hope that point to a brighter
future. Thousands of ordinary people have been lining the streets to help
with the rescue effort, often risking personal safety and well being.
Blood donation clinics are filled to capacity. Food, clothing, supplies
and shelter are freely shared among the survivors and rescue workers in a
completely spontaneous and self-organized network of solidarity and
mutual aid. It is in these selfless acts that we see the seeds of hope
for a future self-managed, egalitarian, classless, stateless society free
from all forms of hierarchy and domination.

An anarcho-communist future is possible!


Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists

Federation des Anarcho-Communistes du Nord-est