NEFAC Solidarity With Protestors In Cincinnati

NEFAC Solidarity With Protestors In Cincinnati

Brothers and Sisters!

We write this letter in order to express our sorrow and anger at the police
murder of Timothy Thomas, and as a gesture of solidarity with his friends
and family, and with the protesters who are standing up
against police brutality and oppression.

Some members of our organization, the Northeastern Federation of
Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC), were present for the anti-Trans-Atlantic
Business Dialogue (TABD) meeting last November, which followed quickly on
the heels of two other murders of Black men by Cincinatti police, and saw
first had the brutality the Cincinatti police are capable of.

It is no secret that the job of the police is to defend the interests of the
wealthy and their corporations, at the expense of all working
class people, and especially at the expense of working class people of
color. This often plays out in the racist brutalization and murder of the
most marginalized of our brothers and sisters. The murder of Timothy Thomas
is a consequence of this racist system called capitalism, which gentrifies
our neighborhoods, brutalizes,
enslaves and murders us. They call forth their massive police forces to keep
us living in fear, so we won't dare to rise up against their system,
liberate ourselves and build a better world.

We know all too well the frustration and anger which accompanies the way we
are forced to live our lives: lives overshadowed by fear, doubt, and
oppression. As their media attempts to portray your actions as "mindless
rioting," we applaud your acts of resistance, and ask you to remember the
sense of unity and power, freedom and hope that you felt together on the
streets. We share your sorrow and anger, and we stand in solidarity with you
in your struggle!

May your bricks have wings!
With love and rage,