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(Philadelphia) SUNDAY - Meeting To Plan Large Caterpillar/detainee Action

Our idea is to have a 2-prong demonstration - one at
the York County Jail where a number of detainees are
currently being held (including Farouk Abdel-Muhti)
and then moving on to the Caterpillar factory.
Caterpillar supplies various equipment to the Israeli
government, including armored bulldozers used for
house demolitions in Palestine.

We would like for this action to be as broad as
possibly, and include as many groups and people as
possible. All of our ideas are just ideas at this
point, as no official meeting as happened yet. We
would like to invite any groups that are interested to
send a representative to the first planning meeting.

It will be on June 15th, in Philadelphia, at the Bijou
- 4820 Baltimore Ave, at 6 PM.

Hopefully, many of you and many of the groups you are
involved with will be interested in at least
attending, if not helping to organize.

For more information or directions, please email New
Jersey Anti-Racist Action:

Hope to see many of you at the meeting...