Costa Rica, San Jose, Report By Organizaci

We are disappointed not to have been able to send more
mails after our first where we announced the formation of the OAC and its theoretical bases. As we wrote in the first mail, some of the OAC's members also work in various other fields: the labour, environmental, anti-sexism and student struggles, for example. Since the OAC was founded, our members have been adapting to militant, disciplined and serious forms of work inside the anarchist organization, and have continued to develop various projects as well as the usual debates which go in within the left.

Since the formation of the OAC, we have been able to maintain a space for propaganda, distributing our journal, "Agitando Mentes", with almost 600 copies in a month and a half. We have participated in demonstrations with leaflets giving organizational proposals of an anarchist nature and carried on discussions regarding these with certain unions and the general public. We have been involved in the calling and organization of
demonstrations against many of the problems that afflict us. We
have created the Centro de Estudios Anarquistas Germinal (CEAG -
"Germinal" Centre for Anarchist Studies), an extension of the
OAC which is entrusted with the realization of proposals against
the capitalist crisis in these times. We have also published the
periodical "Prisi