The IOM was founded in 1951 to counter the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (UNHCR). It has always been highly controlled by the USA, and was created to control migration in the interest of capital. It began during the Cold War and focused on moving well known scientists, artists, and any of the elite class still stuck in east Europe and relocate them in the west. It also monitored and assisted the movements of capitalist friendly military forces and helped hinder liberation forces unfriendly to capitalism in various developing nations caught in Cold War realpolitik.

The Cold War may be over, but the needs of capitalism have changed little. The IOM now focuses on controlling the movement of workers around the world, "relocating" them into countries in need of cheap labor, and helping to "repatriate" them when a member state of the IOM is no longer in need of migrant workers. Capitalism's needs have spread to the entire world, and the IOM exists to control the flow of labor, based on needs and costs, using borders and race as its tools to keep workers around the world under control. But the IOM plays itself off as a humanitarian organization whose goal is to assist migrant workers and refugees.

The IOM now has 91 member states, 19 regional sub-offices, and over a hundred field offices and representatives which act as warning systems for migration. The IOM reports to the USA and the EU share information and recommend policies. Where their is migration, the IOM is recommending hostile immigration policies, training boarder police, sharing information and new technologies, showing border police where secret illegal border crossings are, plan and build border posts, refugee camps, and detention centers, spy on migrants and migration assistance organizations, and go so far as to set up border policies should a new regime come to power or a new border be created. The IOM claims to have "assisted" over eleven million people. In 2000 alone they claimed to have repatriated or resettled over 450,000 people. But rarely are any of these people moved voluntarily. The only option for people the IOM are intending to move is to go voluntarily or else they will be detained and moved forcefully. Recent countries the IOM has "repatriated" refugees include Timor, North Iraq, Kosovo, Angola, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Sudan. Where on e could argue that repatriated people of Timor or Kosovo could make since considering their conflicts have calmed down to a degree, the other listed countries have improved little, or just gotten worse.

The IOM portrays itself as humanitarian, and often uses NGO's to gather information or control the migrants, but it acts in the interest of its "customers", the member states. In Turkey and Ukraine, the IOM gathered information of common illegal border crossing areas and handed the information over to the countries border police. It has set up other agencies under the guise of helpful NGO's, only to deport the refugees it claimed to help. The IOM has set up workshops and education classes in countries such as Kyrgizistan, Tadjikstan, and Kazakstan on topics like the prevention of illegal emigration, and how to crack down on false document making.

The IOM has negotiated a 60% discount rate with airlines to repatriate immigrants and refugees, creating a big business for some airlines, such as Lufthansa and Air France.

The flow of sex traffic, where women are deceived into forced prostitution to service rich men in wealthy nations, has skyrocketed into a major international crisis. However, only 0.16% of all people repatriated by the IOM were victims of sex trafficking schemes. Yet, the IOM has outposts in countries such as Macedonia and Azerbaijan, which the IOM admits itself as major boarders where women are moved through to the west for prostitution, and has done little to stop or apprehend any of these bastards moving women, but has done plenty to stop illegal migrants from traveling west for work.

The IOM is regulating migrant workers such as Ecuadorians to Spain. In an attempt to curb the flow of workers without papers from Ecuador to Spain, the two countries and the IOM all signed agreements. The wealthy land owners of Spain told the Spanish government how many farm hands it needed annually. This number was then split up through countries Spain had made agreements with, such as Ecuador. The Spanish government, after the suggestion of the IOM, called for all Ecuadorian workers to register with the Spanish immigration police, where they would be flown back to Quito Ecuador, to be given legitimate papers for legal employment in Spain. There new passports and legal documents were given out (all suggestions by the IOM), and workers were either sent back to Spain through the IOM or stayed in Ecuador. When the Ecuadorian economy collapsed, and massive street demonstrations erupted all over Ecuador, the IOM helped to name and locate many indigenous people, who were a great number of protesters. With the use of the giant computer in the Shengen Information Center (which is a giant database of all foreign workers in Europe), the IOM, sorted through the data base and sent Ecuadorian police all the information they could to track down dissidents. Meanwhile, the IOM was helping to build highways in northern Ecuador to the Colombian border under the request of the Pentagon. The IOM is also training Ecuadorian border police, and helping them get north to the Colombian border. Both the pentagon and the IOM insist this is to help protect the flow of migration between the two countries, and has nothing to do with the USA's plan Colombia.

In Europe, the No Border Network called for international actions against the management of migration as a whole, and in particular the IOM, from October 11 to 13.
"Migration is a fact, its autonomy could and still cannot be regulated as states and transnational organizations would wish for. Migration is a consequence of economic exploitation, political repression and war, but also of the legitimate interest of people to find better or different living conditions." No Border Action Network.

Actions against the IOM occurred all over Europe. On the first day of actions, 70 people occupied the IOM office in Berlin. They declared the office closed, offered the IOM workers to help move out their equipment, and hung several banners out the windows. In Warsaw, Poland, people targeted a large market where many foreigners (from east of Poland) are. They focused their propaganda around the upcoming mandatory visa changes into Poland due to Poland's entry to the European Union. During the second day, activists occupied an empty railway worker's quarter in Bologna in order to open up an autonomous international migrants welcome center. The building used to house up to sixty people, and the center could house migrants of their own free will, instead of at the hands of the IOM. In Sangette, the humanitarian red cross camp will shut down on by December 3. The IOM will hand over the camp to a private organization. The IOM announced that the first shipment of repatriated afghans was to leave later in the week. Protesters gathered at the red cross camp, which was surrounded by police in riot gear. They were not aloud entrance into the camp. Many refugees joined the demonstration after giving their fingerprints to police in order to leave. Later in the day a group of people dressed like aliens (as in from another planet) tried entering the compound, but were denied entrance by French riot police. There were also demonstrations and actins in Helsinki, Vienna, Dover U.K., Paris, and Belgium. For more info go to www.noborder.org