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Update From The Somerville Theatre Projectionists Struggle (5/15)

Update from the Somerville Theatre Projectionists Struggle (5/15)

It has been two weeks since we made our demand for union recognition. Not only does Mel Fraiman continue to ignore the rights of his workers to organize, but also continues to show the people of Somerville that he does not care about their opinion. Despite the huge turn-out on the picket line and scores of people who are will not patronize the theatre until the union is recognized, Mel Fraiman will not budge. The only answer to our problem is escalation!

Locked Out?

Although the management is legally required to take the striking projectionists back to work, they have thus far refused to do so. It has been one week and our legal right to return to work is still being denied.

Dirty Tactics

The management has hired scab replacements, who have never worked as projectionists, in an attempt to stuff the ballot box with anti-union votes and artificially "win" the upcoming NLRB election. They have told the NLRB that the assistant managers are also projectionists, which is not true. This has all been done in an attempt to undermine the fact that an overwhelming majority of the projectionists have signed union cards.

Never Cross A Picket Line

We ask that our supporters continue to honor the picket line which extends to Mel's other theatre (Arlington Capitol Theatre), even on days that we are not able to picket. If you have already bought tickets for a concert, we ask that you consider not buying anything from the concession stand as this is where the theatre makes a large portion of its profits.

Pickets this Weekend - Friday & Saturday, May 16-17, 5pm Davis Square!

Keep the Pressure On!!

Call Dorothy Gay, the mayor of Somerville, and let her know that the union-busting tactics of the Somerville Theatre management should not be tolerated in her city: 617-625-6600 ext. 2100

Please let management of the Somerville Theatre know how you feel about their refusal to recognize the projectionists union.

Mel Fraiman (owner) - Phone: (617) 484-6947 Car Phone: (617) 460-6909 Personal Fax: (617) 484-5823, FEI office - (781) 648-6022

If you can cannot reach Mel on his personal phone, please try the Somerville Theatre's parent companies - Chatam Light/Dunster Realty - Phone: (617) 354-4466 Fax (617) 354-5299

Ian Judge (general manager) - Somerville Theatre
Phone: (617) 625-4088 Direct to manager phone: (617)
625-0261 Fax: (617) 625-5496

You can also write a letter on our behalf:

Mel Fraiman (residence): 48 Village Hill Road, Belmont, MA 02478

Fraiman Enterprises Inc.: 15 Story St. Cambridge, MA 02138

Chatham Light Realty/Dunster Realty: 15 Story St. Cambridge, MA 02138


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