Introducing The Federation Of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives (Great Lakes Region)

The FRAC was officially founded in June of 2002 through an over year long effort by numerous anarchists and anarchist collectives in the region who wanted to take the theory and practice of anarchism to a new level for the 21st century. Inspired by increasing levels of resistance to oppression and domination around the world, the FRAC came together in the spirit of forging a new path for revolutionary anarchists through blending fresh theory, practice, and organization. Amidst the smoke and haze of the US's "War on Terrorism," increasing police brutality and murder, failing schools and hospitals, and more we know that another world is possible. Our goal is to build an organization based on revolutionary anarchist politics that can help spark the flame of collective rebellion that will one day lead to a world worth living in for everyone.

What's up in 2002?

The world is getting hot. It seems like every time you read the news someone around the globe is getting bombed, having their land stolen, being forced to work insanely long hours for little pay, or being degraded and oppressed. The US's "War on Terrorism" is promising to take more lives while trampling our so-called rights more and more at home. Right-wing politicians and fascist movements from the U.S. to France to Afghanistan are attacking women for taking control of their lives and bodies. Cops are jacking people left and right, especially youth of color. And those who stand up to their brutality often face just as harsh treatment. Globalization allows corporations to swallow up entire groups of people and give them the choice of backbreaking labor and poverty or starvation and disease.

But resistance to all this is growing. People all over the world are refusing to take all this oppression sitting down and just accept the ruling class and it's entire order without a fight. Much of this resistance has taken on an anti-authoritarian character in ways that have inspired revolutionary anarchists throughout the world. In the Midwest/Great Lakes region things are no different; revolutionary anarchists want to be a part of this growing struggle for freedom. This is where the creation of the Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives comes in.


Revolutionary anarchism works towards building a new world, one free of unnecessary hierarchies and domination that create systems of oppression and exploitation by one group of people over another. We see the existence of capitalism, patriarchy, the nation-state, and racism/white supremacy as being an intense combination of forms of domination that all interlock as part of modern society. We hold that turning the world around will take a social revolution of a size and intensity never seen before on the face of the planet. This transformation will have to be based on an understanding of the world we live in and its complex web of exploitation and repression, a vision of the future the people of the world actually want to live in, and a plan to help us get there. The Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives aims to be part of this social revolution by developing and acting on our revolutionary anarchist perspective in the Midwest, North America, and ultimately the world.

Our Politics

The Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives is dedicated to revolutionary class struggle against the system of patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, and the state. We believe that revolution is necessary and must be based among the working class and oppressed communities with the anarchist goal of a decentralized, non-hierarchical society, self-organized into federated neighborhood, workplace, and cultural committees energized with a spirit of egalitarianism, direct democracy, experimentation, and mutual aid.

We are against capitalism because it is based on inequality, alienation and theft and does not provide the majority of world's population with the basic necessities of life. We intend to replace it with mutual aid and a cooperative, bottom-up, and democratic form of communism where those who work control the means of production. We go by the maxim: To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.

We consider ourselves Internationalists. We support self-determination and cultural autonomy for oppressed people. We are against the system of white supremacy which seeks to maintain a cross class alliance between white workers and the North American ruling class. We seek the destruction of all forms of racism, imperialism, and reactionary nationalism. We are inspired by multi-ethnic organizing against white supremacy, and believe that it is the foundation towards its destruction.

We want queer liberation. We are against heterosexism, homophobia and the simplicity of the dual gender system. We are for the liberation of lesbian, transgendered, gay, bi and all queer people. We embrace the full spectrum of consensual human sexuality and celebrate a diversity of family forms. We want to liberate desire from the binds of religious bigotry and patriarchal social conditioning.