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FRAC Points Of Unity

We are Revolutionary Anarchists!
We are dedicated to revolutionary class struggle against the system of patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, and the state. We believe that revolution is necessary based among the working class and oppressed communities with the anarchist goal of a decentralized, non-hierarchical society, self-organized into federated neighborhood, workplace, and cultural committees energized with a spirit of egalitarianism, direct democracy, experimentation, and mutual aid.

We are Anti-Capitalist!
We are against capitalism because it is based on inequality, alienation and theft and does not provide the majority of world's population with the basic necessities of life. We intend to replace it with mutual aid and a cooperative, bottom-up, and democratic form of communism where those who work control the means of production. We go by the maxim: To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.

We are Internationalists!
We support self-determination and cultural autonomy for oppressed people. We are against the system of white supremacy, which seeks to maintain a cross class alliance between white workers and the North American ruling class. We seek the destruction of all forms of racism, imperialism, and reactionary nationalism. We are inspired by multi-ethnic organizing against white supremacy, and believe that it is the foundation towards its destruction.

We want Queer Liberation!
We are against heterosexism, homophobia and the simplicity of the dual gender system. We are for the liberation of lesbian, transgendered, gay, bi and all queer people. We embrace the full spectrum of consensual human sexuality and celebrate a diversity of family forms. We want to liberate desire from the binds of religious bigotry and patriarchal social conditioning.

We are Militants
We pursue direct action and a diversity of tactics as appropriate methods of achieving our goals. We uphold the right of all oppressed people to self-defense by any means necessary.

We want Dual Power
We seek to build popular power that can contest and replace state and capitalist power. We actively work to create a new world in the shell of the old-politically, culturally and economically. We do this by both challenging and confronting oppressive institutions and establishing our own liberatory ones.

We are Dedicated to Critical Analysis
We engage in a constant process of evaluation and self-criticism of our politics and practice. No one is above criticism, and we view it as a healthy, productive aspect of strategizing and organizing. We base our politics on the realities of an ever-changing world.

***This is still a work in progress, and much needs to be developed and worked on. For example there is no point of unity around women's liberation. This is not because we find it unimportant, but because we find it important, debate has been vigorous and we have not agreed on wording for a point of unity. These points of unity should be viewed as our starting point, where we can grow with discussion and critical evaluation. With this in mind please forward any questions, criticisms, comments, or concerns to:

Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives (FRAC)

PO BOX 4502
East Lansing, MI 48826-4502