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THROWING A WRENCH IN THE WARMACHINE: Anti-authoritarian Organizing Against War, Occupation And The System That Spawns Them.

Kent State University • Saturday May 3rd

All across the world, people rose up in anger against the U.S. war in Iraq. Now the U. S. occupation must face even more resistance.

Direct Action has been key to the new anti-war movement: Blockading streets and freeways, refusing military shipments, school walkouts, organizing radical breakaways and feeder marches, direct action against military transportation & equipment, resistance by U.S. soldiers, counter-information in workplaces, schools and communities. . . These are the tactics that can build the fight to win. Not relying on liberal politicians or step-in-line demonstrations, but directly challenging those who make war on the people of the Middle East and people of color, women, queers and the working-classes and poor here at home.

Direct Action also says something about the world we are fighting FOR. One where all people will directly control their lives, have equal say over organizing our society and resources, and no profit motive to send young people off to kill and die for.

Join activists from across the Midwest/Great Lakes region for a day of workshops, training, videos, and more on the 33rd anniversary of the state murder of anti-Vietnam war student protesters at Jackson and Kent State. . .

A regional action will take place the following day, Sunday May 4th, called by the Kent State Anti-War Committee and the Not In our Name antiwar network

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