OCAP Solidarity Message To So-Called "Rioters" In Montreal

Jonathan, Jaggi, Christina and all those fighting back in Montreal,

As the 'G20 Riot' Trial looms, the 'Queen's Park Riot' Trial approaches its third tortured month of existence. Clearly, something very significant is happening when the State is dusting off the public order provisions of the Criminal Code and engaging in the kind of open political repression that was commonplace at an earlier time in history.

I believe this kind of attack reflects two things. Firstly, the whole political agenda of neo liberalism has produced a level of social grievance and anger that an earlier period did not see. The kinds of discussions that international pirate bodies like the G20 engage in are translated into the kind of misery on the streets that led OCAP to march on the Ontario Legislature in June of 2000.

This raises the second point. While many of the mainstream trade union bodies and conservative NGOs remain passive in the face of the mounting attack, there is a movement of resistance that is taking shape. It has been seen in anti globalization struggles and in community based challenges to the local impacts of the whole drive towards social regression.

The two trials we face are at root products of a desperate attempt to stifle this resistance before it can spread and pose a serious threat to their plans. They are, therefore, a challenge we have to overcome. This doesn't necessarily mean we have to win a favourable verdict in court. Courtrooms are their arena and we may well not be able to prevail in such an unequal contest. What is most important, though, is that we mount strong defences that show them we are not intimidated and that the whole movement we are part of stand with us. If we can do this, then the real verdicts in our trials will not be in the hands of judges or juries. The outcome that will matter is that the attack on us has made us stronger and more capable of fighting back. If that's how we think and that's how we act we have already won and they have already lost.

Best wishes in your Trial and our thoughts are with you.

In Solidarity,
John Clarke, OCAP