RCMP Raids The Native Youth Movement In B.C.

NYM Press Release
Sunkmanitu tanka Isnala Najin
Apr 17, 2003 07:09 PDT

Native Youth Movement People/Press Release
April 15th, 2003

Search warrants executed. RCMP and ERT (Emergency Response Teams, SWAT) units raid homes and places of work in search of Native Youth Movement Communications. One Warrior arrested, being held with no charges, as Colonial Forces attempt to dismantle Warrior Society. Free Kanahus Pelkey!

On Friday, April 4th, 2003, four search warrants were issued by J.N. Asen, Judicial Justice of the Peace in Burnaby, BC. The invasion occurred four days later, on Tuesday, April 8th, 2003.

Four houses were raided and two places of work, in Nuxalk Territory ('Bella Coola, BC'), and Secwepemc Territory('Chase, BC'). Their mission: Get the Communications of the Native Youth Movement.

The House of Aloosta, Nuxalkmc NYM Warrior was raided in Bella Coola.

They took one computer, an old lab top, every computer disc they could find, two camcorder cassette tapes, many papers, address books, and videotaped and took pictures all over the house. NYM Warrior Hawk was arrested and is currently being held with no charges. Then went and took two computers from Aloosta's place of work and took two computers and everything that had phone numbers and email addresses.

At the same time ERT units with M-16 machine guns went to the Neskonlith Indian Reserve, outside of 'Chase BC' with a classic blank warrant. As they surrounded the residence, they said "Open up, we have a suspicion of weapons." They stormed the house, rounding up everyone in the living room, including Kanahus Pelkey's baby, and threatened arrest if anyone crossed invisible lines. The police searched the people making the women lift up their shirts while the male pervert officers stood around and watched.

The police searched the whole house. Other people from the reserve Started coming to the house. One NYM Warrior tried to come into the house, but the police handcuffed her, arrested her and put her in the police car. The charge is unclear or unknown. She was later released.The Police started coming out of the house with computers and much paperwork and files. They took three computers and two laptops, every file they could find, address books, and the rest was not specified. Later a second warrant shows up and among all the physical communications, the warrant also included the right to decode passwords and email.

Next, they moved in on a trailer, which they had NO warrant for, and busted down the door with a battering ram, coming out with one Computer, some papers, files, disks and searched the whole trailer.

They also raided a place of business on the Reserve where they took one computer, papers, files and disks. To finish off a good day off harassing the local Savagez, they went to the house of an NYM Advisor, and took his computer, paperwork, disks, and files.

At the end of the day, the Invaders had all our contacts, computers, new NYM Magazine, one Warrior in their grips, and much other information they view as "useful". While many of their tactics of Oppression have changed over the years, the tactics that work at destabilizing and neutralizing Movement have not. At the end of the raids on the Niskonlith reserve, one of the cops said loudly "This was a blast, we'll do it again sometime." And they will. As long as our people are within their reach, they will do all they can to grab us, because we stand in the way of their 'Progress', which really means destruction, Death. Native People are still viewed as Hostile when we refuse to give up our Lives.

We must Free Kanahus Pelkey, please help however you can,
Re-unite mother with baby. Contact nymunite@hotmail.com.
Urgent bail Money Needed.

We will not let their weak attempts of intimidation sidetrack our purpose, it act as motivation and fire under our feet to live free from Oppression and Invasion, as Beautiful Red Nations. The time for Unity is now! They can take all of what we physically have, but they can never take our Warrior Spirit! Let our common connection with the Earth and the love for our People be our communications to each other. They can only stop us if we let them. We won't. Warriorz Unite! We Are Wolves, Not Sheep! Free Leonard Peltier! Rix Rakan! (Red Power!)

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